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SANA Soy Milk Cream Review

I've first heard of this brand through a Japanese youtuber. She was raving about their toner and saying all the good things about it that I was convinced on trying this brand. I had still a toner while planning to buy something from them so I decided to try their moisturizer instead. I've used this up already so it is the perfect time to review it. This pot is not big (50g) but it lasted me for 2 months but I did use it twice a day so that's why it was done quick.

This brand makes their products out of Soy bean/milk as main ingedient. According to "The soybean is set apart from other plant foods because of its high-quality protein content, according to the Mayo Clinic. Soy also contains fiber and isoflavones. Isoflavones are a type of plant-derived compound called phytoestrogen that have estrogenic activity. Additionally, soy may have a number of positive effects on the skin. As a skin care ingredient, soy is purported to diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage and even tighten sagging skin."

Product description ( :
Soy bean essence enriched with soy isoflovones and soy protein help boost skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid levels to improve elasticity, moisturize skin and fight melanin. The nourishing formula is free from fragrances, colorants and mineral oil. Can be used as a sleeping mask.
- Moisturizing with a rich pack effect, to smooth skin.
- Soymilk fermented liquid containing isoflavone that works indispensable for the beautiful skin making of women.
- Give elasticity and moisture to the inside of bare skin and lead to plump moisture.
- Flavor-free, color-free, mineral oil.

How to use:
- At the very end of skin care, take an appropriate amount (pearl grain size) in the palm of your hand - and let it fit the whole face.
- Recommend laying on the part of drying that you feel concerned.
- Can be used both day and night.

I love the consistency of this product. It's very light and not heavy which is not ideal during winter time for me but perfect for summer time. It's not sticky at all and dries quite fast. There's no overpowering smell and I feel that it smooths out my skin after. It is not so hydrating as I want my moisturizer to be especially during winter time when my skin is really dry. I don't like to use it in the morning since it is not so hydrating that's why I can still see dry patches around my nose. I prefer using it at night since it can be a sleeping pack as well.

This is how it looks when I just applied it. It makes my hand looks hydrated and plump.

This is how it looks when it dried down.

Overall, I did enjoy using this product. I just bought it at the wrong time. I might repurchase but only when it is summer time. It was one of the products I did like last year and I was able to finish it up which is a good sign. I would like to try their toner as well to see how good it is. I love the simplicity of this brand and how affordable it is but a good quality. There are a lot of benefits with soy beans for the skin like it gives firmness, encourages collagen production and diminishes fine lines to name a few. So I would really love try more with products that has this ingredient and I hope they will produce more great things out of it that we could benefit in the future.

I got it at yesstyle.come at a discounted price but currently costs € 13.30 here

Have you tried anything from this brand?


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