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A'PIEU Water Light Tint Review

I'm into lip tints/stains lately that's why I was drawn to this collection when I saw it was on sale at Summer is fast approaching and honestly I'm over with matte liquid lipsticks (for now). I love the juicy lips vibes nowadays that lip gloss/tint gives me since they have a nice sheen to them that's why I wanted to try this line since the pictures look promising and they have really gorgeous shade range.

I first bought the shade RD03 which is the shade Bitter Rose. It was the shade that first caught my attention so I wanted to try one first before buying more because I want to test it out first. Surprisingly, I loved it so much! I didn't expect a lot since it is so cheap but it's so creamy, hydrating and very good quality. The smell is lovely, the texture & performance is great that's why I ordered more. So I got 5 additional shades.

Lip stains deliver a vivid, glossy color to lips that lasts for hours, adding shine and moisture. Adheres to lips lightly to create a moisturizing luster without the feeling of stickiness.

The shades I got are:
  • CR02 Apricot - very pretty everyday shade. My top 2 fave!
  • RD03 Bitter Rose - a mauve pink kind of shade.
  • CR01 Grapefruit - peachy shade that is perfect for spring.
  • RD02 Peach - bright orange kind of shade borderline neon orange.
  • RD05 Tomato - my top pick! very pretty red that looks so fresh and youthful.
  • RD04 Berry - the perfect shade for gradient lips look. A must have for the fall/winter time.

There are two more available shades that I didn't buy which are: 

RD01 Rose - a bloody mary kind of shade. Looking at it now, I should have got it as well since it really looks like a pretty color. I didn't get this because it was not so appealing to me but I might get it as well next time.

PK01 Cherry Blossom - this was my least favorite since I'm not so into this kind of pink shades but I think I would get this as well because it might not look this bright pink in person.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this lip products from A'pieu. Great quality and yet you don't need to break the bank for it. It's the same with other lip products be it highend or drugstore that you need to retouch after you eat. It's not transfer proof since it is a gloss. It's not sticky at all and very comfortable! It feels moisturizing the entire time I was wearing it (on average 6-8 hours). They glide so smoothly and very pigmented as well. The packaging is a light plastic with a holographic design which is not really chic looking and has that unicorn vibe to it but what counts most is the inside. I'd rather have a not so aesthetically pleasing packaging but amazing product than paying a lot just for the brand name or packaging but it's just an average product. 

I highly recommend them if you are still doubting to try or order them since they won't disappoint you. I'm eyeing more lip products to try from this brand since I really love this range from them. 

❥ Where to buy: here
❥ Price: €4.87 (promo price but still on going)
Size: 4g

To see them in action and to know more please watch the video I made

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