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Essence Colour Up! Shine On! Lipsticks Review

When I was browsing one day at Kruidvat, I saw these on display so I got curious. When I swatched them, it felt like the Lustre Lipstick formula of  MAC Cosmetics and I was so happy because it is my current fave formula to wear nowadays. I got only four shades since they are the only colors I can see myself wearing.

These are the Essence Colour Up! Shine On! Lipsticks. They are new release from this brand. The shades that I got are:
No. 10 rosey glitz
No. 06 strawberry popsicle
No. 07 crystal polish
No. 08 flaming red

The soft lipstick texture can be intensified with each application to allow subtle as well as bold looks. twelve colours with a gorgeous shine - including soft nude shades, bright pink or trendy blue - turn these lipsticks into the ideal daily companions. the colour-matched lipstick lid makes it easier than ever to reach for the colour you want!

They feel like a tinted lip balm on the lips which I love that gives a nice shine to the lips. They are very comfortable once applied. They glide easily and they give a good color pay off. Not as pigmented as normal lipsticks, just a subtle color. If you are into those kind of formula then this would be perfect for you and they are really low maintenance. 

This is how the packaging looks like. It's not the typical essence packaging and I love the details of it. It's plastic and it is light. It's a bit bulky but I like how fun it looks and not the usual boring cheap looking packaging. The color matched lid is very handy so you see right away the shade you are getting and you don't need to look at the bottom of the lipstick packaging anymore.

I love this shade for everyday natural lipstick. It's a brownish pink kind of shade. I first bought it to try this line and I loved it so much because of the formula that's why I added more. 

This is a nice pop of color that is perfect for spring and summer. It reminds me of my current fave lipstick from MAC which is the See Sheer shade from their Lustre line. It's like a bright pink orange or coral shade.

 Left: No. 06 strawberry popsicle; Right: MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer 

Swatched: No. 06 strawberry popsicle - MAC Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer
The essence one is a bit darker but the shade is in the same family. So if you are looking for a dupe for this lipstick from MAC or just for the Lustre line from them then look no further. This is the best dupe I have tried so far.

A bright pinkish violet/lilac shade. This reminds me of my Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube No. 4 Peony Violet which I loved so much but I think it is expired already because it felt weird already when I tried to use it so this is my replacement for that shade. It is like a flourescent kind of pink that really looks pretty and brightens up your face especially during fall-winter time. I normally like to where this shade during those seasons since I feel it is perfect time to wear this shade when it is gloomy outside to give life to my face.

A brick red kind of shade. This reminds me of my MAC Cosmetics Amplified Lipstick in Brick-o-la. This is a kind of MLBB lipstick which is also great for everyday natural makeup look.

 Left: No. 08 flaming red; Right: MAC Amplified Lipstick in Brick-o-la 

Swatched: No. 08 flaming red - MAC Amplified Lipstick in Brick-o-la
The Brick-o-la is thicker, darker and creamier than the flaming red. The essence one is brighter than the MAC one also but I still consider them as cousins since they almost look the same on the lips.

Here's how they look when swatched on my arms
(Top to Bottom: No.8 - No.7 - No.6 - No.10)
T-B: No. 08 flaming red - No. 07 crystal polish -  No. 06 strawberry popsicle - No. 10 rosey glitz
They are really good for the price. I didn't expect so much since it's so cheap but they are really great lipsticks although they are not as long lasting as what I would like them to be but I don't really mind at all. They are quite moisturizing on the lips and they don't emphasize the dry patches on the lips unlike the See Sheer from MAC. They are only €2,39 each in Kruidvat. 

They have more shades raging from light to dark colors. I don't really think I need to have everything since I have a lot of lipsticks already and some of the colors are not my cup of tea. If you are wondering here are the other available colors. 

If you want to see them in action, I made a video on my channel about them. Please check the video down below.


  1. Where can I get the 06 strawberry lipstick from please?


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