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Memebox I'm Lip Crayon Review

I was looking for new matte lipsticks to try and saw these lip crayons. I got them since last year but was not able to give review on them. I love matte lipsticks and when I saw they were on sale, I just ordered one and I loved it so much, I ordered more. 4 of the shades I got are from the new collection and one is from their first release. I first got the shade Greta, I really loved that shade but I dropped it on the floor in a restaurant while on vacation so I did't want to use it anymore since the actual lipstick fell out the tube and touched the floor. I knew I will order it again to replace it since I loved the quality of it but I decided to try new colors instead.

These are the shades that I got: 
~ Kylie: a nude brown shade.
~ Emma: a fuschia kinda pink shade.
~ Natasha: a blue based red shade.
~ Vanessa: a burgundy shade,
~ Naomi: a dark brown shade.

I only knew Memebox through testerkorea since I buy most of my Korean Beauty products from them. And this brand is really affordable. I'm glad I bought them since this is one of the best formula I've tried so far for matte lipstick. It is not drying to the lips, it feels more velvety matte. It does not dry out your lips and it very pigmented and glides so smoothly. 

Kylie: This is the lightest shade among the 5. This is the typical Kylie Jenner shade that's why I think they named it after her. This is my fave among the five! Sadly, it broke also and I tried to fix it but it didn't look good after.  

Emma: This is my second fave shade. I love wearing shades like this during fall time. It just brightens up my face and it is a very feminine shade for me that makes me feel a grown up woman.

Natasha: I have never actually worn this shade outside my house I think. Because my lips are already thick, this kind of shade makes it look even bigger that's why I avoided to use it and my father-in-law told me that this kind of red does not suit me. Do you agree?

Vanessa: This shade is perfect for fall-winter time. I didn't wear this enough to say what I feel about it but I will try to wear this more during winter time.

Naomi: This was one of my fave lipstick to wear last winter time. I got a lot of compliments wearing it and I did enjoy using it. It is a bit patchy but you barely notice it. A darker lip liner will solve it.

I'm really loving these lip products although they break easily so you need to be careful while using them and NEVER drop them. It is a thin kind of twist up lipstick that can take awhile to fill up thicker lips like mine. But when you apply it, one swipe is enough per section since it's very pigmented so it makes up for it.

I want to even try more from this brand since I'm so impressed with their lip crayons. They also make the Pony Effect Makeup and the lip products I've tried (Pony Effect Favorite Fluid Lip Tint) from that line is really great as well. It's nice that we have so many affordable choices available in the market nowadays. This is the brand to look out for and I hope they make more amazing products in the future. 

❥ Where to buy: Testerkorea
❥ Price: €5.70
❥ Size: 2.4g

To see them in action please watch the video below


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