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My MAC Lipstick Collection

I've started buying lipsticks from MAC since last year. I loved it so much that's why my collection grew. I only buy them when ICI Paris XL Belgium offers 21% off so I normally get them around €15 more or less instead of paying €19,50 which is the orginial price of them. I only paid the full price of one shade but the rest were on discounted price. I always wait for promo time since I don't want to pay the full price when I can get them on discount.

I got different kinds of formula from MAC just to try which one would I like. I would want more and there are more formulas available but these are the only ones I got now and hopefully I would add more in the future. At first I thought I would only like Matte lipstick types but as I tried different kinds of lipsticks, I changed my mind and want to try more different kinds of formula. To explain what are these kinds of formula that I got:

Lustre: A lightweight Lipstick formula with easy glide, sheer-to-medium buildable coverage and a lustrous finish.
AmplifiedAn ultra-creamy Lipstick formula with a smooth glide, bold colour payoff, full coverage and a semi-lustrous finish.
MatteA creamy rich Lipstick formula with high colour payoff in a no-shine matte finish.
SatinA creamy Lipstick formula with a soft cushiony feel, medium-to-full buildable coverage and a satin finish.

The shades that I got are:

See Sheer (Lustre): a grapefruit pink shade. I love this so much since it's really flattering and I love wearing it especially now it's summer time and also perfect shade for spring time. I just don't like how it settles on dry patches of my lips and it does not distribute evenly on the lips sometimes. But I love the formula since it is a sort of tinted lip balm. I just hope they made it a bit more hydrating on the lips and makes your lips look smoother. It is not so opaque so you might not like it when you want coverage. It gives a nice glossy look on your lips but not overly shiny.

Brick-o-la (Amplified): a mid-tone berry shade. This is a MLBB shade for me. I love the formula of this better than than Lustre one. This is more opaque if you want more coverage for your lips. Glides on smoothly and it's very hydrating on the lips as well. 

Kinda Sexy (Matte): a neutral pink rose. I really don't like this shade on me, it does not look pinky rose on me but more light/pale peach. I'm really disappointed since this is the only shade I paid the full price for. I was so excited to purchase it since it looked so nice on my friend but to me, I look like I'm sick when I'm wearing it. I need to mix it with other shades in order to make it work for me. This shade is better for lighter skin than I am I think. It's not as smooth and opaque as my other matte ones so this would probably end up to a family member since I'm not liking this shade at all.

Mehr (Matte): a dirty blue pink shade. This is one of the first shades I got. I love it at first and used it a lot but since I have so much lipsticks, I forgot about it and I only use it when I have pink or purple tone kind of makeup look. I love how opaque and smooth it is on the lips and does not feel drying but rather comfortable for a matte lipstick.

Mocha (Satin): a peachy-yellow brown shade. This is my fave formula among all of them. It is so  opaque and glides on smoothly. It gives a bit of shine on the lips. Just perfect formula for me. I love this shade more on the fall-winter time. This is the perfect shade to partner with my Tarte Heat Palette. 

 Whirl (Matte): a dirty rose shade. I bought this together with Mehr. I've searched so much before deciding what to get. This is one of the popular ones that's why I chose it. I think because of the Kylie Jenner lip trend. I get so many compliments everytime I wear it but I'm really done with brown lipstick now that's why I mix it with other colors so it does not look plain brown on my lips. But I did use and loved this a lot at first.

These are my MAC lipstick collection. I might add soon and will do an updated version but I'm really loving the MAC lipsticks and they are one of the best quality lipsticks I've tried. They might be me my fave ever actually.

To see them in action, please watch my video that I made about them below


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