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Essence This Is Me Lipsticks Review

I saw these beauties while browsing around Kruidvat. I saw the release of this line months ago but I didn't pay much attention to it and just forgot about it. I haven't tried anything from them for months now so I decided to get these lipsticks and make a review about them since I love doing lipstick reviews. I always loved the formula of essence lipsticks and I thought before the quality of their makeup is not really good because it is so cheap but I was wrong. Their lipsticks are so opaque and buttery soft that you won't even feel that it is from a drugstore brand. They remind me of  wet n wild since they are both very affordable yet the quality of their products especially the lipsticks are amazing. 

This is how the packaging looks like, it is plastic with matte white and rose gold details. It is light and slim which I like since the older versions they had were thick and bulky. It does look and feel cheap but what's inside is the most important, right?

I only got 4 shades since the other shades I didn't pick are too dark or unavailable. They have 8 shades available in total. According to their website: "The search for the perfect nude lipstick is over! With its 20 flattering nude shades, the new this is me! range is sure to offer the right colour for your lips - no matter whether your skin tone is light, medium, tanned or dark. The semi-Matte texture feels feathery and light on the lips, is long-lasting and has a high coverage. Combined with the nail polishes from the this is me! range, your lips and nails create a perfect beauty match to complete your make-up look.

I did see the nail polishes that came with this line so you can pair them with the lipsticks but they were not calling me or my attention so I passed on it. 

Shades I got are:
01 Freaky
02 Happy
03 Bold
04 Crazy

What I love about this line is that it is a nude lipstick line. It's great that they maid sure that all skin types are covered which is good news so there will be a shade for everyone. I'm just not sure if 8 shades would be enough selection for all skintones. I saw a review and she had 12 shades so I'm guessing we only get 8 shades here in Belgium and don't get the full collection. I've seen some products already that are only available in the US like the long discontinued Essence Pure Nude Highlighter but you can still buy it there upto now. It became like a cult product there since a lot of youtubers rave about it. I just hope they will rerelease it and will make it a permanent product here as well.

Swatches L-R: 01 freaky, 02 happy, 03 bold & 04 crazy

These are really pretty nude shades as shown above. I prefer nude shades lately since they are easy to pair with the looks I go for nowadays. They are fuss free as well and easy to maintain. They are thick formula so one layer is more than enough. They smell like how their other lip products smell. It has a strong smell but if you are not sensitive with scents then this should be okay since I can still smell it even after few hours. They don't fade on my lips as long as I don't eat. Since they are semi-matte, they are not transfer proof. They remind me of the formula of MAC's Satin lipsticks. They feel the same formula wise. I already gave away some of my MAC lipsticks and I think some of them are dupes of the other shades I had from MAC.

I have to say, the only shade I like for my skintone is 02. So I recommend this to all of you who has my skintone, even medium skintones can rock this shade. I am NC25 that's why I am on the lighter side but NC20 would look great with this shade as well. I guess this would be the universal shade amongst the 3 so I highly suggest this shade if you only want to get one. Others are too light like 03, I can still work with 01 but I find it still to be too light for my skintone. I might keep 04 since I don't have anything like this in my collection but I'm pretty sure I won't use it a lot since I'm not into shades of pink kind of lipsticks.

I also did a review on my youtube channel so if you want to see it just check it down below. Overall, I'm happy with the formula, longevity and of course the price of these lipsticks. I even had a 20% off discount that day when I was buying it so I was glad I got them on promotion. It retails here in Belgium and NL for €2.39 each and I bought them in a Kruidvat store here in Gent. I do hope you found this review helpful and until my next post.


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