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Peripera Ink the Velvet Pink Moment F/W 2018 Review

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time. I'm glad I'm back doing blogs again and I do hope I will do this much often now since I have so much to review and share to all of you. For this post, I will review the Peripera Ink the Velvet Pink Moment F/W 2018 Collection. I didn't buy the whole collection since I know, I won't be really using the two shades that I didn't include.

The shades I got are:
17 Hip Beige Pink 19 Bewitched Red Pink 20 Star Plum Pink

This was their Fall collection last year and I noticed there's not really much people who are raving about them. I guess most of the people who have this does not really prefer this formula like me. Unlike the Airy Velvet line from them, this formula is sticky and does not dry down. It's a thin formula. I love the newer Airy Velvet ones since they are like a mousse type texture and just so soft, airy and smoothing on the lips. This on the other hand is like almost a gloss type but much thicker. I just remember this is the exact formula of the original Ink Velvet that I've tried. The applicator of this is much thinner than the Airy Velvet as well.

17 Hip Beige Pink

This shade is a light brown-orange kind of shade for me. It can be considered as a nude shade actually. The shade is okay but it's not really a favorite of mine. I think this suits better on people who are lighter than me.

19 Bewitched Red Pink

This shade is my least choice. This does not suit me at all. It's like a pinkish red that does not compliment my skintone. I think this would look best on people who are darker than me. I only used this once for the review but decided to gave this away.

20 Star Plum Pink

Among the 3, this is my top pick! This is really a unique shade. I don't have anything like this in my collection. It's really a Fall appropriate shade. It has a purple/lavender with hints of pink to it hence the name. This is the most opaque among the 3 and the formula of this is just better compared to the other 2. I will recommend this shade if you only need to buy one from this collection.

That was my review over this collection. These colors are not really for me except the last shade. I normally don't like pink lipsticks so I'm a bit biased. But I just feel they don't suit me at all. I hope this helped you decide which one to get. To know more check my review on my channel below.

You can buy them here

Thank you for reading and I hope you will come back again and check my future posts. 


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