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Missha Glow Tension SPF50+ PA+++ (Sand) Review

I've seen this new release from Missha that I was really curious about. Anything that says "glow", I'm up for it. I always wanted to have a glowing skin so I try to buy products that either gives that and hydrates my dry skin. My current cushion is almost done so I decided to get a new one when I saw this launched. I'm really loving the logo and packaging! The color is beautiful and the overall look is simple yet chic. It has 15g which is the usual amount of products in every cushion foundation. I ordered mine at testerkorea for KRW 19,550 or  USD17.85 / EUR15.54.

I got the shade 25 (Sand) since that's my shade in cushion foundation. Only few brands offers this shade. You can only find this shade with Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Pony Effect and Missha and unfortunately not a lot of webshops sell them. They are hard to track down. Normally the darkest shade in Korea is until shade 23 which is too light for me.

I expected this product from missha will match me pretty well since this is usually my shade but I find this a bit ashy on me. Unlike my PONY EFFECT Defense Longwear Cushion Foundation SPF50+ PA+++ (SAND) which is a perfect match for my skintone. I am NC25 with MAC foundation. 

According to Missha:
Formulated with collagen, amino and hyaluronic acid, this cushion compact offers full coverage with a light yet smooth adherence to create a flawless finish. With sun protection, anti-wrinkle and whitening benefits.

This is a new kind of product for me since instead of using a cushion, it's a tension pact which you see below it has a mesh/net kind of filter.

This densely woven filter dispenses the perfect amount of foundation in a light, even layer so you get effortlessly smooth coverage with every pat.

I noticed no difference with how it dispense the product with a normal cushion foundation but the puff I find that it makes the foundation extra matte. Too matte for my liking that's why I need to apply my fix+ a lot and my Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray in between application just to make it blend better and to remove the tackiness.

They said the puff is designed to cut product absorption in half with an ultra-thin spongy core layer, while the high-density Ruby Cell Fabric outer layer ensures precise application free of clumps, streaks, or caking.

Which I agree since I didn't see any streaks or caking even after I powder my face which is big deal for me since other cushion like from Pony, I noticed it caking a lot of times. 

This is how my face looks using my new Missha Glow Tension. The coverage is pretty good. I can say medium to full coverage if you build it up. You can certainly add more layers and it does not look cakey. But with the help of my concealer, bronzer and powders, I noticed it didn't look so ashy on my face anymore. Throughout the day my face looked really good! I'm really impressed of the longevity of this and unlike other cushion, it sets pretty good. It doesn't move or settles on the side parts of my nose nor it emphasizes the dry patches of my nose which I really hated with other cushions. I really love this formula but in combination with my other trusted products. I haven't tried it alone so I can't tell how it would be if you don't set it or without concealer. 

I recommend it to people with oily skin or just people who like more matte kind of effect with foundation because of the formula since most of the cushion foundation are really glowy but this is really matte despite the "glow" name. If you want a good coverage also this is for you. If you want a lightweight sheer type, then avoid this since I feel this is really a heavy formula. Will I buy again it again? Probably! since it worked pretty good for me and my skin looks amazing as well while using this. 

To know how it looks on my skin throughout the day please check my review on my channel


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