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miliMAGE Water Rising Tint Review

I've been seeing this lip products around instagram early this year. It did caught my attention but never saw them available on the webshops I usually shop for Kbeauty products and suddenly I saw them on sale at yesstyle while browsing so I didn't hesitate to add them to my cart. I only chose 3 colors because I didn't know if I would like the formula so just for start, I just got these 3 shades that I know I would use and would suit me.

I've noticed that only Korean people are reviewing this so it's not really known brand yet internationally and because it's hard to get also that's why maybe it's not yet in the radar of the Kbeauty lovers out there. But since yesstyle is already selling them, so it is more accessible to a lot of us. It might start getting attention from now on. 

According to yesstyle: 
Lightweight lip tints are formulated in a water-like texture that glides effortlessly over lips coloring them with a vivid, glossy shade. Its highly-pigmented color stays on all day long!


Its water rising formula helps create a gloss up effect.

Offers juicy and gorgeous colour payoff with long lasting finish.

Its weightless water texture creates a glossy and voluminous effect without sticky feeling.

This is the usual formula I love during summertime so I can still enjoy them now since we still have fairly summer weather here in Belgium. But I can still enjoy them even it's not summer anymore actually since I also use this kind formula even when it's colder weather.

They really thought well with the eye catching packaging of this lip products. The color, design and the details is impeccable. This feels not cheap at all considering how much I paid for them. The tiffany blue color is striking and memorable enough but the gold details, frosted glass effect and the trick they put that you think it's a lipstick inside is such a cute touch.

At first, I thought did I buy the wrong one since it's like I got lipsticks instead, but when I opened it it's not really. So I did laugh the moment I opened it. Korea is really good in promoting especially new brands because they make sure that the branding especially the packaging will get anyone's second glance. Every new brand I see now from them are beautifully packaged and the stores there are beautiful as well! Since they have so much competition there I guess they try to outdo every brand no matter what it is and they keep innovating new formulas and we all know their technology there are far advance especially with it comes to producing makeup products than any parts of the world.

I just noticed that while editing this picture, I saw that one of the wands is different from the two. The first one(red) is much more thinner and flat on both sides while the front one (peach) is chubbier and the other side is slanted and the back is just flat as well. The one with a slant wand is not so soft when you apply it, you will really feel the texture of it while applying which is not that soft that's why I felt a bit uncomfortable while applying it. But I got used to it now and I'm not bothered anymore unlike the first try.

The shades I chose are the following:

 #08 Apricot Toktok Orange: trendy coral and orange colour
This is a perfect shade for me during spring-summer time since it's a light peach kind of shade which is not too loud. It's great for everyday wear for me and I love how it looks on me. This shade just gives me a sunny vibe that will compliment a lot of skintone.

miliMAGE - Water Rising Tint - 9 Colors #08 Apricot Toktok Orange - $9.41

Retail Price: $9.90
You Save: $0.49

 #03 Spicy Caramel Red: caramel deep red colour
This is my kinda shade as well. This will go well on alot of looks I go for. I love that it's not too red on my skintone since a lot of red especially blue red does not suit me well. 

miliMAGE - Water Rising Tint - 9 Colors #03 Spicy Caramel Red - $8.91

Retail Price: $9.90
You Save: $0.99

#05 Chili Pepper Rose: chili red colour
This is like a cherry red, at first I was afraid it will be too much red on me but I kinda like it. This shade will be more my autumn-winter shade. 

miliMAGE - Water Rising Tint - 9 Colors #05 Chili Pepper Rose - $8.91

Retail Price: $9.90
You Save: $0.99

For my overall thoughts:
✮ 9/10 Formula: I love the formula, it's not sticky at all but when you apply it it feels like you are salivating because it drags some product to the other side of the lips that's why I cut some part of my video since it looked gross to look at. You will know how it is, when you try it yourself. It smells great as well, it reminds me of a sweet perfume I know but not sure which it is. It's not really overpowering and does not linger long. The formula is one of the best I've tried so far, it's so light on the lips and it just feels so comfy on the lips. I will give it 10/10 if the salivating effect was not present.
✮ 10/10 Packaging: Love the look, feel and everything about! Pretty packaging for me that would look fab in every makeup vanity.
✮ 9/10 Longevity: Since it is a lip gloss type, it would transfer so it's not that long lasting but I don't really mind that.

Would I recommend/repurchase it?: Absolutely! I highly recommend this and would surely buy more from them in the future.

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To know more and see my review about them, please check my video below

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