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Peripera Ink The Gelato Review

These lip products have been requested for me to review months ago but I only bought it recently. I love peripera's lip products that's why I am open to buying anything from them to review since their formula has worked well with me and one of my fave out there for lip products so far. 

They have been out for a long time now, this is not a recent line from them. They are different formula from the other line I've tried from them. The packaging is different as well although the design is in the same motiff from their other lines which looks like a medicine bottle with a dropper.

Product description:
Weightless, smooth and intense lip tint inspired by gelato makes you wanna lick your lips for more! The soft texture easily glides creating an effortless gradient that’s moisturizing and matte. A non-transferring formula makes sure it stays on throughout the day.

▻ A gelato-inspired elastic, creamy texture with rich color payoff.
▻ Effortlessly melts into lips with an airy finish.
▻ No transferring.

L: Peripera Ink the Gelato Wand; R: Peripera Ink the Airy Velvet Wand

The wands are also different comparing to the Airy Velvet Version. The Ink Gelato wand is much stiffer and longer and has like S shape while the Airy is softer, fluffy and shorter.

I got all the shades 1-5

01 Lively Red: apple red
This is really a pretty muted red shade that would be great as an everyday shade. I'm not afraid or hesitant to wear this kind of red since it is not a bright kind of red and would be perfect on the days if you want to look put together even with just a lipstick. It can perk your face up if you look tired.

02 Wonder Pink: lovely pink
This is my least favorite. This is just too sheer for me plus I don't like pink especially this kind of pink which is almost neon looking. This would look great to younger girls I think like for school and it just gives me a younger girl vibe kind of color.

03 Favorite Grapefruit: orange red
This is indeed a grapefruit shade. It is a bit bright kind of orange for me but I think I can still wear it, depends if I feel like wearing a bold kind of lipstick. It still looks pretty though so I would certainly wear this more in summer time.

04 Fresh Coral: apricot coral
This is one of my fave shade from this line. This is the perfect spring-summer shade for me. I like that it's subtle kind of shade that I can easily wear everyday.

05 Fun Place Deep Red: deep red
This is supposed to be the darkest shade of this line but it's still light looking for me. It is more of cherry red in person. It's not so clear from this photo but this is a perfect autumn kind of red. This is certainly one of my fave as well.

For me, the formula of this line is just too sheer. I like more pigmented kind of lipsticks that I can blur out if I wanted to. But this is just too sheer so I think I would only reach for them when I'm not feeling wearing lipsticks like my no make up look day or if I will just run some errands. But I love how they are on my lips, really light and smoothing like their other products. This feels more like clouds on your lips. They are thin formula that's why it feels like I'm not wearing any lip product at all. So this will be perfect for those of you who loves blotted kind of lipstick effect. If you like more pigmented ones then this would be a bit tricky since it will take long since you need to build it up like upto 3 layers or more before you are done. So it depends really on your preference but I still like it but not my top pick for lip tints.

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peripera - Ink The Gelato (5 Colors) #01 Lively Red - $8.46

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To know more and see them in action, please watch my review below



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