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Innisfree Vivid Cotton Blur Review

This has been requested for me to review and I gladly bought it since I know I would love this line from them since Innisfree has been one of my favorite lip tints especially this Cotton Vivid line from them. What I love from their lip tints is that they are very opaque and longlasting although they don't dry down completely which is not transfer proof at all but if you just drink water, you wouldn't worry about it since it will stay put on your lips well for hours as long as you don't eat like bread or anything greasy then you need to retouch it after but with crackers it should stay pretty well on your lips without retouching.

But this line is different. It says blur since it is more lighter kind of formula than their other line. This  is really perfect for those who like blotted kind of look since the formula is so light and thin that if you like that barely there kind of lipstick looks, this would be perfect for you.

According to the description:

Matte lip tint boasts an airy texture that doesn’t dry lips. Dries to a powdery finish, its powerful formula stays fresh and smudge-free all day.

• A matte lip tint comes with airy cotton texture without drying out your lips.
• Simply rub with your upper and lower lips after application. It gives a blurred powdery finish.
• Tinted vividness stays fresh and smudge-free for a long time.

If you compare the packaging from the other Vivid Cotton Ink version, the only difference is the cap which the Blur one has shiny cap so you can distinguish them when you store them together. 

The wands on the hand are identical which is suprising to me since what I noticed with other lip tints like peripera and the like, the wand types are different depending on the formula.

The shades I got are from 1-5

01 Ginger Coral
This is one of my fave shade. It can be my everyday kind of shade since it can be a nude shade for me but more on the peachy side kind of shade. I thought this would be too light for me but surprisingly it suits me pretty well.

02 Rosette Pink
This kinda pink reminds me of a rose color indeed. This pink is not too much for me since it's not a bright pink but it has more orange tone to it that compliments my skintone.

03 Moody Rose
This is like a mauve shade. This kind of pink does not really compliment my skintone very well that's why I don't really reach for it so much but this is not so blue toned kind of pink that's why I might use this more.

04 Coral Rose
As what the name says, it is a coral pink kind of tint. This is a bit bright for me so I normally don't like this kind of pink. This looks better to people who has lighter skintone than me which I feel it will suit them more. But it's still a pretty shade.

05 Brick Mocha
This is my fave shade among the 5. This is my MLBB shade and it is much more opaque than the others as well. This kind of red really suits me well and I just love how it will match with all the looks I usually go for.

I do love this new line from them. It just needs more work especially the first 3 shades since they are not so opaque than the last 2 shades. I need to layer them a lot which takes time compared to their normal Vivid Cotton Ink line. But if you like this kind of effect then this would be for you but if you are like me that wants good coverage for my lips then this would not be the best option. But if you like gradient kind of effect then this would be best for you since it blends so well to get that blurry effect. It does dry to a powdery matte finish which I love since it is really comfortable on the lips compared to the normal western type kind of liquid lipstick that when they dry down completely they look and feel so drying on the lips which is totally not the case with this one. This formula is so light on the lips like cotton that's why I love it as well even though the coverage is not that great.

You can buy them at:

innisfree - Vivld Cotton Ink Blur - 8 Colors #01 Ginger Coral - $6.76

Retail Price: $16.90
You Save: $10.14

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