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Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon Blushers Review

I've had these blushers for a year now and I just recently decided to finally start reviewing them since I love blushers and I collect them like lipsticks and I haven't reviewed one in a long time so it's about time. I knew about these blushers through youtube since a lot of well known beauty youtubers raved about them. They are in the permanent collection from this brand but they've been out now for years  now so nobody really talks about them anymore and I know I'm kinda late for them but since I got them I never stop using them especially the shades that I love, that's why they deserved to be still relevant even though they have been out for a long time now.

Through the years, they have released different shades for this line. Some are not available here in europe and these are the only shades I could find here. 

R-L: Rosé Champagne, Apri-Cot in the Middle, Mellow Wine & Pearlescent Pink

As you can see they are housed in a plastic packaging that it's not quite attractive to look at and you wouldn't really take it seriously as a makeup because it looks cheap and uninspiring but you would be amazed on the product itself. I, too was surprised how good they are. Now, I know why everyone has been raving about them. 

Sure they are dirt cheap, below €5 a piece and it's even cheaper in US plus you get a huge pan for it! If you are like me who has a huge blush collection, you can barely see any dents from this since it comes in a lot of product and this would last you for years which is great value for your money.

I only got 4 shades from this line 

Rosé Champagne
This is my most favorite shade among the four! It's like a rose beige kind of shade which is a perfect shade for that no make up look effect. It has minute sparkles or glitters which when you face the mirror or when it catches the light, it would sparkle beautifully. I just hope they would release a matte version of this so it would be great for days that I just want a matte look. 

 Apri-Cot in the Middle
This is a light orange or peach kind of shade which is perfect for the orange brown eye looks that I sometimes love to wear especially during summer time. This has some shimmers to it like the first shade as well which gives a nice glow to your cheeks. This was the first shade I bought just to try the formula, I loved it so much I ordered more. 

 Mellow Wine 
I was convinced buy a youtuber to purchase this shade and it looked really good on her. At first, I didn't really like it because it is too opaque compared to the others I had before getting this. This is the only matte from the four and while others are more of a sheer type, this is really intense if your not careful and tap your brush heavily on it then it would be too much so it is best to tap the excess of the products at the back of your hand first before applying it directly on your cheeks so it won't be hard to blend it out after. The color of this is like a red brown kind of shade and would pair well with red brownish kind of looks and even mauve shades as well.

Pearlescent Pink
This was the last shade I bought and never touched it until recently. It looked so scary for me since it looks like a bright pink coral with golden shimmers that's why I was scared to use it. But because I wanted to review them, I decided to finally use it and surprisingly, it looked really good on me and I really regret not using it right away and waited a year to try it. I was even planning to give it away since I never use it. This reminds me of the Nars Orgasm blush so this might be a good dupe for it. Unfortunately, I don't have that blush that's why I can't compare it. This gives a nice pop of color on your cheeks that looks fresh and youthful.

Overall, I highly recommend them! The formula of this is amazing, creamy and long lasting! You wouldn't expect this kind of quality from drugstore brands but they can really compete with a highend brands and actually can even perform better. Drugstore brands are really stepping up there game which is really great for all of us who does not want to splurge on makeup but still want great  quality products. Look no further, these blushers are the way to go. 

You can buy them here

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