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Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick Review

I bought one random day a lipstick from this line since I was happy to finally saw this brand available in my city which I didn't expect at all. I am a lipstick lover so of course I first bought a lipstick to try. It was a nude lipstick which is included in this review and it is the matte beauty. And in no time, it became my go to shade since it is a perfect nude shade for me. I didn't expect alot from it since I did  not like much their liquid lipstick but my cousin loved it so much when I gave her one. She even asked me if I could buy some for her since her coworkers loved it as well.

I'm happy that they have made matte versions of their bullet lipsticks. I'm not sure which one came out first but they have satin version, metallic, etc. They have wide range of shades which I was actually surprised when I saw it online. In the store in my city, they only had 10 I think but in Milani's Europe website there's so much shades to choose from. I think they have been out for years now but I just discovered them recently and I'm really glad I took a chance on them since I normally go for Kbeauty lipsticks but American drugstore brands offer really great but affordable makeup products as well especially this brand.

The packaging is not that attractive to me since it is not modern looking or hip looking like the most Kbeauty products. It's a bit matured looking for me to be honest. Not the packaging I would go for. It's gold and plastic and does not really feel and look luxe which I also understand since it is an affordable brand so they won't really spend so much on the packaging. As long as the product itself is great which is the case for this, then I could look past on the packaging. They are really like Wet n Wild products that is in a cheap looking packaging but the quality is amazing. So don't be bothered so much on how they look because what's inside that matters most.

I only chose 4 colors since they are the only ones that I liked when I was swatching them in store. They have newer colors now that I saw in their website so I might try them as well in the future because they are not available in stores here.

According to their website:
"Matte to the max! Our Color Statement Matte Lipsticks give you you statement-making bold color and lip looks that last. Our much-loved matte lipstick collection features vibrant colors, ranging from electric pinks to glamorous reds. Infused with nourishing vitamins A and C, Color Statement Lipstick will feel as good as it looks. Settle for nothing less than striking."

This is first shade I bought, I loved it so much I decided to review this line from this brand and buy more. I was looking for a possible nude shade and this was the best one I could find from this line and I'm so glad that it suits me very well. I always grab this when I just want a natural looking makeup and this is my go to for those days I want to look natural and simple.

This shade is a peachy brown kind of shade but unlike others this don't look too light for me. Just enough to be a nude shade for my skintone. I would surely repurchase this over and over again since this is the only shade from my collection that is the perfect nude shade for me. An everyday makeup kind of staple that I will always use.

This is the newer shades I got. This is one of the shades that caught my attention while swatching. It's more for summer-spring time kind of shade. I think I had the liquid lipstick version of this before or similar shade of it but I can't compare it since I don't have it anymore. I didn't really loved their liquid lipstick formulas that's why I gave everything away. They were so thin kind of formula and it was just not my fave.

This is like a rose petal kind of shade. It's a bit bright pink for me which I feel don't suit me well. And the formula of this is not totally matte. I still see some sheen from it. It's more like a satin kind of formula for me. It is more hydrating and creamier than the other shades.

This is one of the recent shades I got as well. I think I haven't swatched it in person but I saw it was available when I ordered online and just looked for swatches in google. I really liked how it looked on others so I decided to get it as well. I ordered them online since Di that time had a 25% off that weekend and decided to get them for review purposes.

This has more mauve kind of shade but a bit darker than the usual. This is a perfect nude shade for darker skintone or "morena" since my friend is morena and it looked so good on her. She loved it so much so I decided to give it to her. I love that the purple tone is not as bright with this shade, it is more subdued. This shade is great for everyday wear as well.

Last but definitely not the least is this shade which is the darkest of the four. I just wanted something for autumn-winter time. I don't have anything like this from my collection. It's a beautiful red brownish kind of shade. Which I fell in love the moment I swatched it.

I love that it's not like a nineties brown kind of shade but more like a cinnamon brown. This is the perfect autumn shade for me. It's not too dark as well which is great. It's just a pretty shade that I'm glad they made for this collection.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this line from Milani. I hope they release more shades. I've been a fan of their blushers as well and can't wait until they would produce more beautiful products like this. They are really comfortable on the lips. They don't fade at all even how many hours on the lips. You do need to retouch it after eating and it will transfer on the glass when you are drinking but it's not an issue for me at all since most of the lipsticks I have are like that if not all. They are opaque but they are not as thick as the MAC Matte lipsticks that's why you need to layer them more than the MAC ones but I prefer this formula because it is lighter on the lips and you don't feel them as much as the MAC. They smell like other lipsticks that particular lipstick smell that I remember when I was young with my mom's lipsticks before. But you don't smell it while applying or on your lips so that's great. I highly recommend this line from Milani. You would certainly not regret it!

It retails here in Europe for around €8. You can buy them here:
Di Beauty
Milani Europe
Amazon (affiliate)

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