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Lisa Eldridge The Soft Velvet Collection Review

I've been a fan and follower of Lisa Eldridge's work for years now. I first knew about her when I started watching British beauty vloggers. I got curious about her and looked her up and when I saw her tutorials in youtube, I became instantly her fan. I love how elegant, simple and mostly are very easy makeup looks she shares in her youtube channel. I love how calming she talks as well and how professional she is. The looks she makes are my cup of tea with it comes to creating my own looks, which is as natural looking as possible. But with her it is always with much more class and sophistication which is really rare nowadays because a lot of makeup that you see especially on social media are so thick and masking to your own beauty which personally not what I go for. So finding Lisa in this virtual world is really a blessing.

When she first launched her lipstick line, I was really happy for her. Finally, a legit makeup expert is producing her own masterpiece. I was excited but didn't really buy anything not until now since I felt the price range is too much for me. I normally buy lipsticks ranging €6-€10 even €10 is too much for me already. But since now I'm trying to be selective in what I buy, and cut back on my spending so I won't buy that much anymore not until I really wanted it and been thinking about it for a long time. So I decided to go for it now because I've seen and read a lot of good reviews about her lipsticks and the colors she released now are right up my alley.

I got a set since I wanted to get her pouch as well and you get it as a free product from a set because normally you will buy it separately for £18 which I'm happy so have saved from this set although everything is still expensive for £90 for this set. I'm glad shipping is already included from this price so it makes up for it. And the shipping was really fast.

The Soft Velvet Collection 
Perfect for gifting, my Soft Velvet Collection includes three full size true velvet lipsticks plus my beautiful limited edition makeup bag. Saturated and highly pigmented lipstick with a beautiful, true velvet effect on the surface of the bullet which looks exactly like velvet fabric. The formulation is a creamy, hydrating matte with a slight sheen - it's not a flat matte. The colour is long wearing and non drying to the lips.
Velvet Beauty - A vibrant light pink berry shade.
Velvet Muse - A sensual, smoky rosewood shade.
Velvet Fawn - A pretty and delicate fawn shade.
This is the three lightest shades in her collection. Her lipsticks are 100% cruelty free.

What amazes me is the formula of this lipstick and the unique texture of the bullet. She really made sure her lipsticks would be one of a kind. There's no scent to it which is great. It's so opaque and even the lightest shade don't look chalky and streaky on me which is amazing! One thing I noticed that it does not look like it has more products than let say MAC lipsticks. The bullet looks shorter but because the packaging is bigger than normal lipsticks maybe it is shorter but still has same products. They made the width of the bullet wider I guess compared to other lipsticks like MAC. 

Velvet Fawn

"A pretty and delicate fawn shade inspired by the classic 90’s shades in Lisa’s vintage makeup collection with the addition of skin lifting, lively undertones to make it extra flattering."

I was really scared to get this shade since it looked like it would be a bit light for me. In person it looks like a concealer shade for me so I'm a bit sad since I can't wear this much not unless I will mix it with another shade or use a lip liner which a lot of people suggested when they saw my review on my channel. I just appreciate how opaque this is considering how light it is. I will do my best to use this often so I won't waste my money and would make it work for me. I will practice dark makeup looks since they say this would look great with darker eye makeup look. If you are lighter than me, this would be a great nude shade for you.

Velvet Muse

"A sensual, smoky rosewood shade with the perfect mix of pinky brown and dirty rose undertones to make this shade super wearable across a wide variety of skintones."

This is the most flattering and my favorite shade. This is the perfect MLBB shade for me. This would be great with all the looks I go for. This is basically my everyday kind of lipstick. When I got them, I realized I should have just gotten this since I was not really certain if I liked the other two shades. Oh well, I learn. This would definitely be great to any skintones for sure.

Velvet Beauty

"A beautifully vibrant light pink berry, inspired by the rosy lips in pre-Raphaelite paintings."

This shade is the least I liked since I'm not a pink lipstick person. I feel like they don't flatter me at all. This is a vibrant pink that I don't really like so I'm not sure if I will keep this but I will try mix it with a darker lip liner and it might work for me. This is the only set that has the two firsts shades I like and with the the other sets, I don't really like the third shade included but now I realized I should have chosen the one with myth since a lot of people really want it and it is soldout now.

The packaging is really gorgeous yet simple. Very elegant and feels so luxurious. It has  a substantial weight to it compared to the other lipsticks out there. I love everything about this line. Because of this experience, I would certainly buy every year her new releases if I like the shades. She only releases new line once a year which is something I would look forward to from now on. You really get what you pay for, £26 a piece is really worth it. Quality and especially the experience when you apply and have it on your lips is really something I don't get with other cheap lipsticks. It's so soft and comfortable on the lips even it is matte. It is indeed velvet feeling on the lips. It lasts pretty long on the lips although like any other lipstick you need to retouch it after eating. But when I had my break, only the center part was a bit faded after drinking and eating so I could also not retouch it if I didn't have time.
I highly recommend this if you want to treat yourself with the best lipstick formula out there. To know more please check my review down below.


  1. The Velvet Beauty looks quite amazing on you. You might need to wear it with clothes of the appropriate undertones I guess. Looks awesome though.


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