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Sunnies Face Fluffmate Lipstick Review

I've been really curious with this Filipino makeup brand for a long time now. Since I live abroad, I can't easily order them so I just waited until I can go home for vacation to finally order them. At first I hesitated because I saw also bad reviews online about it, that they are just good with hyping it and they said the formula is not really special. Compared to other local makeup brands, their price range is quite high as well. Not budget friendly but they have the most beautiful stores, packaging and target of this brand is towards millennials. Their first launch, everything was soldout within minutes. They had the Kylie Cosmetics trick to make people race for next release and I even saw a lot people were nervous because they might not get it the next time they restock them which left a bad taste in my mouth. The restock took ages as well and I see a lot of people constantly asking when will be the next restock. When they had physical stores, the line was so long that people queued for HOURS. I didn't want to deal and be part of that madness. Some even hoarded to sell it with high profit online since people were desperate to have them. But eventually, after a few months or a year, their products didn't sell out that quick anymore. Although, I still see limited edition products soldout quickly especially when it is in set because you save more when you buy a set per launch.

I love the concept and the color palettes of their products. Packaging is really a major point when purchasing a product. They got all the criteria for making it to the very saturated market. They made sure their products are modern, hip and would cater to the Filipino skintone. Like me, I order most of my lipsticks from Korea and the shades they make are more suitable for light complexion which most of their population has, so they are more for brighter shades which I don't really like to wear. I'm glad that there is a Filipino makeup company producing makeup products that will be more suited to our skintone.

At first glance, they seem to copy the vibe of 3CE stylenanda makeup and overall concept. But what I noticed they went a bit to a different road. They are more retro chic kind of vibe while 3CE is more modern chic. I know they got inspired from 3CE because the owners of this brand used to visit the 3CE store a lot and even took pictures inside the store. The founders are celebrities in the Philippines, well not all but they are family related(cousins) businesswomen and models.

The packaging is okay but not the best out there. I love more the original version of this than the limited edition (frosted) packaging. The latter is cheap looking and it feels cheap as well compared to their original packaging. It is lightweight and not bulky which I prefer because when I held the blk lipstick (a celebrity makeup brand as well) it is so bulky that I didn't even bother testing it anymore. 

I really love their shade selections that's why I have been really wanting to try them. I waited until I see a lot of good reviews before going for it. But after two years, I finally decided to just go for it. So I can compare it with other lipsticks since I review lipsticks anyway. What I love is they are more into nudes, browns and MLBB sort kind of shade. I got only 6 shades since I can't buy everything. I just selected shades that I know I would like and use after watching alot of reviews online. And decided to choose these shades:

At first, I didn't want to get this but alot of people even foreigners are raving about this shade so I added it. This is really a pretty nude shade for my skintone. It does not wash me out and just a pretty everyday shade for me. This is part of their first release and because it is soldout a lot, they made a collection inspired from this shade which is the Nude-ish collection.

This shade is part of theire Nude-ish collection. I didn't really want to get this because it looked too light for my skintone but I don't have anything like this so I went for it just to see if I would like it. With a lipliner I like it more but alone it is almost like a concealer shade but not quite. This would look more beautiful to lighter skintone than me.
This is the perfect MLBB shade and one of my fave from this bunch. I am into this kind of this shade and I will surely use this a lot since this is the shade I go for with it comes to my makeup looks.

This is part of the first launch from them. This is also one of the best sellers which I am not surprised because this shade really suits Filipino skintone. A fun spring-summer shade for me. If only it is not this bright orange and it has more brown tones, I would like and use it more.

I hesitated to get this but fortunately went for it since this is my top pick among all the shades I got. The shade that I still consider nude shade for me but can also be MLBB. A very pretty everyday shade.

This is like a tad darker than the shade casual. A very pretty shade as well. I was a bit scared because it looked so dark in pictures but in real life it is just the perfect a bit dark nude shade for me which I can still consider as MLBB.

I didn't regret buying them at all. I'm actually glad I did, and would try more from them if I get to go back to the Philippines. I love the formula and the feel of these lipsticks. It is opaque, glides smoothly and feels buttery. It is also moisturizing on the lips even it is a matte formula. It is more kind of a velvet matte formula for me. The shade selection are very pretty as well. They did a good job in conceptualizing a makeup brand that I thought we will never have in the Philippines. A brand that really has a good taste and can be at par with other international brands. I will stay on a lookout for their next release to add in my wishlist. 

You can order them here for 395php

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