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Maybelline Powder & Creamy Mattes City Heat (The Bricks Collection) Review

I have been really wanting to try the maybelline lipsticks, since I see a lot in instagram posts about their products. Their shade range is really good and they offer beautiful shades that I am really drawn to. When I went back to the Philippines, this has been one of my "to buy list" and luckily when I was there, they were on promotion as well. I got two different formulas because I had been eyeing these shades for a very long time which happens to be from different collections. Maybelline is also cheaper in the Philippines, compared here in Belgium. These lipsticks are around €6 there compared here which is around €13.

They don't also release here the lines that are in asia like the City Heat Collection, which I waited to be available here for months now but to no avail. So I'm happy that this collection is still available when I was there in the Philippines because I really want to buy a specific shade for that line. 

Matte lipstick is my jam that's why I wanted to review and try this lipsticks from Maybelline just to see if I would love the formula. 

I only got 5 shades since they were only the shade that stood out to me but I was also hurrying that time because my mom was waiting for me and she will see that I buy a lot of lipsticks. She was surprised when she saw me paid the lipsticks because of course no one buys this much at a time not unless if you are like me who reviews products which she doesn't really know. But I do really love lipsticks as well that's why I keep on trying new products.

Powder Matte Lipsticks by Color Sensational
What it is
"They're ultra-MATTE, ultra-LIGHTWEIGHT, ultra-SMOOTH, and available in 15 ultra-WEARABLE shades - the Powder Matte Lipsticks are the new generation of matte lipsticks you're definitely gonna fall for!"

Ultra powdery matte stick technology.
With 2x saturated powder pigments + honey nectar, intense color payoff, and ultra powdery smooth matte finish.

The packaging is just a plastic see through lid. It does not feel lux whatsoever and the metallic upper part of the lid didn't help because it made it even look cheaper. It feels light and not that bulky which is perfect for small or mini bags like what I usually use.

Since I was in a hurry while choosing, these two shades are the only ones that caught my attention during the limited time that I had. While I was looking for more shades online, I noticed that I see more shades that are potentially shades that I would love to have but maybe it was not available to the stores I went.

Touch of nude is a pretty light pink shade which I didn't really notice because normally I don't want to buy pink lipsticks since I don't think pink suits me. But because it says nude and maybe due to the lighting in store, I didn't realize that it would be this light pink. Anyhow, I still like this shade and I might use this during summer time since it is a refreshing kind of shade that if I look at it now, I'm kinda liking it. But this is a bit patchy compared to all the shades I got but it can be fixed with lip liner for sure if I apply a lip liner first as a base for this shade.

Toasted Brown is the shade that inspired me to try this brand since I saw someone posting this shade on instagram. I like it so much that it was in my wishlist right away. Powder Mattes Collection from Maybelline is not sold here so I am really happy that I could get to try and enjoy them now. I love this shade. This is the kinda shade I prefer and the formula of this is really light on the lips. It is indeed a smooth powdery finish which feels velvety matte. It is also moisturizing on the lips which is a great plus. 

Creamy Mattes City Heat (The Bricks Collection)

What it is
"Maybelline's most moisturizing matte lipstick, the Creamy Mattes, in 6 new warm nude shades inspired by NYC's nude hues."

Get full color in one easy, creamy swipe with our most moisturizing matte lipstick.

This is the collection I'm really excited about since the shade range is really up my alley. I love their inspiration with this line which is warm nudes, if you know me well, I love me some nudes. I only got three shades since they are the only shades that I did like from this collection. This collection is more reds and orange shades that's why I didn't get the other shades because I know I won't wear them enough.

The packaging of this one is much better than the first ones. This does not look cheap which I think the packaging with the color coordinated shade from the bullet helped a lot. I just love when the packaging of lipsticks are like this since you don't need to open it anymore to look for the shade you want to use.

Midtown Pink is the shade I want most. A youtuber raved about this a lot that's why I want to have it so bad since it looked so good on her even though she is darker than me but I know this shade is so me. This is the shade I prefer for everyday wear. A hint of pink and brown in one bullet = perfection! I hope they won't discontinue this or else I would regret I haven't bought a backup of this.

East Village Rose is the second shade that caught my attention while looking for reviews online. It does remind of a rose color which is great to wear if you want to have a romantic look. The formula of this is much better than the powder mattes and I feel like they are even lighter and much more opaque as well.

When I swatched Noho Amber on my hand, I thought it is more of an orange red kind of shade but now as I look at it, it is more of a brick red. This is why I avoid reds since my lips look so huge when I wear them. It's too much for me if my lips look this big. I might use this only on the center of my lips or any occasion I need a red lipstick but reds like this is a no go for me.

I only used two shades consistently when I got them. The Toasted Brown is really a shade I tend to gravitate and it stays pretty good on my lips. I just need to retouch it when I eat but it is also like that with any lipsticks I own. The Midtown Pink is so far my most used and my top pick. I just love how it looks on me. I consider it as a MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade that's why I love it so much.

I am really pleased with this lipsticks from Maybelline. The formula feels like a highend brand and the colors are great for any skintone. I think they really thought of asian people since the shades they made suits well with our skintone and I feel like they are exclusive only there (correct me if I'm wrong). I will surely add more if I go back home. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a budget friendly lipstick but with a great quality and formula. They are not smudge or waterproof but they don't fade on my lips even I have them on for hours which is great for me. I only need to retouch them after eating but not a big deal at all. They just glide smoothly on the lips and feels so buttery. I hope they release beautiful shade range again in the future. 

You can find them at lazadawatsons and SM Department Stores for 299php. You get a lot of products also since they are 3.9 grams per tube which is much more compared to other brands that are around 3 grams only. If you are not from the Philippines, you can check your local shops or online shops that might offer this line. Better wait for promotions because sometimes they are on 1+1 promo which is a great deal!

To see them in action, please watch my review below


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