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MAC Cosmetics Blush Collection

I am a blush lover and collector. And MAC blushers was on my wishlist for a very long time. I didn't buy them right away because they are way over my budget but later on I took the plunge and started buying one bit by bit. 

I had my first ever MAC blush when someone gave me a gift card so I could finally try one. It was Peachykeen. I remember vividly when I was for the first time inside the store with my friends because I asked them go with me since I'm too shy to go inside a MAC store alone. While browsing, I asked the makeup artist who assisted me which blush she can recommend to me because I was so overwhelmed with so many choices. If you you went inside a MAC store you would know what I mean. I tried to swatch some shades but it was too confusing for me. I think she recommended it because it is a popular shade I think because it is a dupe for the NARS orgasm. I just went for it and did love it for more than a year until I decided to give it away since it was too shimmery for me. I didn't like the look at all. I also got a lipstick with the gift card and that was the start of my love affair with MAC products.

Nowadays, I am more into matte blushers and because MAC offers alot of good selection of shades. I bought and added more into my collection. I have 3 kinds of finishes from their Powder blush range. 

MAC Powder Blushers are designed by and for professionals, formulated to provide fantastic colour with ease and consistency. Applies evenly, adheres lightly to skin to achieve a natural-looking application of colour.

The first one I got is frost finish.

Frost: An iridescent, lightly shimmering color that adds highlights and a frosted bloom to your cheeks. 

Marginpeach with golden shimmer 
I chose this shade because a blogger was raving about it and I got curious. I'm so glad I believed what she said because this is certainly a beautiful nude blush that gives a subtle shimmers on your cheeks. 

Another finish I got and my most preferred formula is matte.

Matte: A flat, matte finish that goes on lightly, builds well and blends with the skin. 

Coppertone: peach brown
This is something I got my eyes on when I was looking for brown blushers. This is the most rated shade from them and it is really perfect shade for copper or even orange/peach looks.

Next formula I got which I thought were matte because they look and feel matte is sheertone.

Sheertone: is a finely milled powder that glides onto the skin to impart a sheer, even yet buildable colour. Its super fine particles contains a blend of coated pigments, which when blended into the skin create a gorgeous wash of colour that looks natural and flawless.

I got this because of a youtuber. She said this is a boring looking pan but when you have it on, it is really pretty on the cheeks. I expected it to be like how you would look like when you are naturally blushing but it is more mauve kind of shade on me. 

Peaches: pure peach
I got inspired by a look that a makeup artist did that's why I got this. I don't know what she used but I just searched it online which one will be as close as what she used. This is also a perfect blush whenever I have orange or peach makeup looks. I mainly use this during spring-summer time.

Gingerlycapri bronze
This is my most fave among the five. I grab more towards this everyday and most of my looks suit this shade. Just a perfect everyday blush. I love how it gives a sunkissed effect on my cheeks. I am really into brown kind of blush because they just looked natural on me and whenever I want a no makeup look, this is the perfect shade for that.

I store them in a pro palette large single compact (€10.50) and pro palette blush x 6 inserts (€3.00) that you can get at MAC stores or online as well. The pro palette powder blush refill pan retails for €19.50.

MAC blushers are great quality and I don't regret buying them. Normally, I wait during black friday or any yearly promotions that are offered from different online shops so I can save upto 30% off. So if you plan to try them, just wait during promotions.

I highly recommend it and their shelf life is really long. I see some who still uses their 3 yo mac products and still okay especially their powder products.

They are long lasting on my face and I love that they are so blendable and easy and quick to apply. They are truly an investment but you will enjoy them for a long time. I still plan to buy some more shades but not anytime soon. I am contented with what I have now and I still have a lot of blushers I need to enjoy first. 

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