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Milani Rose Blush Trio Palettes Review

Blushers have been one of my favorite makeup products and been collecting them for years now. I have quite a few of them that I do enjoy rotating. When I saw these blushers from Milani Cosmetics, I fell in love directly since these rose blushers from them have been a staple and most loved products of many.

The rose molding is so beautiful that it is hard to resist them. I have waited a long time to purchase them since they didn't come to europe so quickly. I stalked any possible websites that might sell them and even found their europe website in the process. I didn't know that they even have a website here. It is based in Poland and they stock pretty much most of their products which is good. When I finally got them, they were also in promotion which is great. I thought they were around €20+ before but looking at their website now, they are only around €17. 

They only released two versions of this and I got the two. Each palette has three limited editions shades that are not available with their permanent line which could have been great if they put everything here instead of new shades so I can also try their popular shades. 

"This three-pan palette offers triple the petal-perfect beauty. This blush palette comes in two different collections, and each collection offers a trio of color-coordinated, highly pigmented blush shades that can be blended together or worn alone to amplify and define cheekbones. Each palette features matte to shimmer, finely-milled textures for a perfect flush of buildable color, letting you create a range of multidimensional looks. These perfect pinks flatter every skin tone -- no rose-colored glasses needed. Formula is vegan."

01 Flowers of Love
These shades are for light to medium skintone I feel like. They are great for everyday wear. They are not that opaque when you applied them on the cheeks which is great for me so it's easy to build them up and you don't over apply as well. 

This first shade is a highlighter shade for me or a blush topper but the effect is not really something I prefer for my highlighter. It is almost metallic looking which reminds of the jouer highlighters but much more subtle version. For my nose I don't like how it looked as well but the sides of my face is a bit okay but not something I will use again as a highlighter. It lacks something but I will try to use it as blush topper.
This is a very pretty light peach kind of shade that I would surely enjoy during spring and summer time. It is buildable and just enough intensity I like for blushers.

This is pretty deep rose shade that is perfect to match with mauve looks or when you have your MLBB lipsticks on as well. Great for everyday wear.

Overall, I do love these shades but only problem is that one shade is not really something I would use or even think about using at all. With that said, these are much suitable with the makeup looks I go for so I probably would use this more.

02 Floral Fantasy
These shades are much more opaque and intense compared with the first one which are suitable for medium to dark skintones for me. They are more with shimmers compared to the first one which are more matte.

This is very refreshing looking blush that is more opaque than the middle blush of the first palette but they are almost the same but this is just much darker.

This has shimmers on it but not as intense as the third shade. I also feel like that this is the lighter version of the third shade. This is great for dark eye look or smoky eye looks. 

And the last shade is the most intense one, which is like a copper/bronze kind of shade with shimmers. This is great for copper makeup looks or any dark brown looks I feel like. This is most opaque shades as well so you need to be careful in applying it. Love that it gives that bronzed look that would be great for summer time but also for fall looks.

I love this palette than the first palette because these shades I can use them all throughout the year. I have shades for spring-summer and also for fall-winter time. 

For my verdict, the packaging is just to bulky for me. It could have been great if they made it not this thick because I bought them for travelling purposes so I have 3 blushers in one palette but they just take too much space. The shades are beautiful and you get a variety of them from formulas and finishes. It is well priced as well. They are not that longlasting on my face. They do fade after few hours especially the lighter shades but they don't fade weirdly nor they get patchy which is a great sign. I love that they are sheer and easy to blend. I need to play more with them but so far they are performing well. I just hope they release more on the brown shades in the future which I prefer and improve the packaging. They are not the blush I really grab so they are not my fave and most probably I won't be buying them again not until they release shades that I love. 

You can buy them here

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