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Moonshot Micro Glassyfit Cushion Review

Moonshot cushion especially the Face Perfection Balm is my top 1 pick for cushion foundation. Shade and formula wise, that was the perfect one I have ever tried. Be it highend, drugstore or any Kbeauty cushions. So I had high hopes and expectations from this because it is from my tried and tested cushion brand.

This is the Moonshot Micro Glassyfit Cushion. Packaging is really pretty and girly. I love the pastel color and how sleek and chic the design that they made with an iridescent effect on the top of the cushion. It reminds me actually of a unicorn. I think this was the concept or they got inspired from it.

Inside is really a pretty pink packaging with the corresponding puff. It also has a mirror which all cushion foundations have. It is just so pretty to look at everytime I open it which is always a plus point.

The puff is same shaped as their other cushion foundations. I love the unique shape of it and it just fits perfect even if there is soaked with foundation because I noticed with other puffs when I start using them, they expand so as a result it is harder to close the compact. But this just fits nicely and it has some room inside as well.

I chose the shade 301 because I knew this was the perfect match for me with the previous version of their cushion that I did love. And they only provide 3 shades as well and this is the darkest. Korean Cushion Foundations are really limited with it comes to shades because they cater more for their people and mostly they have porcelain or light skintone. Only very few selected brands offer more shade selections. Mostly brands that sell internationally like Laneige, Innisfree, and the like.

According to yesstyle's website:
An instant cult fave, this cushion foundation boasts a glassy fit, offering a radiant glow thanks to micro particles that adhere smoothly to skin. 

⌁ Voted #1 Cushion Foundation by Glowpick Consumer's choice in Korea
⌁ With broad spectrum protection of SPF50+ PA++++ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
⌁ Helps achieve a “glass skin” effect.
⌁ Contains moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.
⌁ Formulated with micro powders for a smooth, perfect complexion.
⌁ Suitable for dry skin.

I was so excited to try this because I thought, another one great cushion to enjoy and play with but to my surprise when I opened it, it is lighter than what I remembered and true enough this was not the same as the 301 before. The formula is much thicker and it is matte finish which I didn't expect because it should give a glow or glass skin effect. This was not hydrating applied on my dry skin and it was just not pleasant. Normally, it would feel cooling and hydrating but this does not.

If you compare the older versions of shade 301, you will see how different they are. Even the undertones are different which is really strange for me that they would do that. 

I haven't encountered anything like this that brands would change the shade in every line of their foundation. I'm really disappointed because I thought I finally found a Kbeauty brand that has my perfect match but sadly it is only with their one cushion.

As you see on my hand, the Face Perfection Balm blends seamlessly on my skin unlike the other two especially the center one which is the newest one because it is just too light compared to the other two. The Micro Setting Cushion has more peach undertone so only the first one really is the perfect match for me.

My Verdict:
It's a PASS for me. I didn't really like how it looks on my face. You will also notice on the picture above that I look so light/pale which is unnatural looking. The formula is really drying on me. It clings to the dry patches and overall there is nothing to be desired with this cushion for a very dry skin like mine. I think this could work perfectly with Combi-oily skin but with dry skin, it won't work. I didn't achieve the “glass skin” effect. It didn't moisturize and my face didn't look as smooth and perfected as what they are claiming for this cushion.

You can buy it here 
moonshot - Micro Glassyfit Cushion - 3 Colors #301 Honey - $19.92

Retail Price: $24.90
You Save: $4.98

To see it in action please check my video below for my in depth review


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