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My Nudestix Collection & Review

I've had these products for over a year now so it is about time to review them. I got influenced buying them because some of the beauty vloggers I follow, raved about them a lot. I never heard and knew about this brand but thanks to social media, where everything really happens now, I discovered them. It is founded by a Canadian chemical engineer mother who have worked as a product developer with MAC Cosmetics and co founded Cover Fx and her two daughters who wanted an easy and multi tasking makeup products. There products are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free with vegan options. They have a good foundation in making a brand for themselves due to their mother's expertise and experience. They made it into reality what her daughters' dream makeup brand/products would be. 

I totally forgot to mention about the packaging of these products in my video but this is what you get when you buy one. They provide a tin packaging with a built in mirror for each product which is too much when you are like me that has a lot of their products. They said you can recycle them but when you have 8 tins, what you gonna do with them, right? 

The products are housed in a dual ended packaging, featuring the color on one side and a detachable blending brush on the other. It is a twist up style of packaging which is easy and quick to use. The brush for me is really useless and I don't think anyone will want to use it. It is too small so it will take longer to blend the product. They could have just made it without it and it would be alright and won't be missed. I saw they produced a mini or travel size of this. It should look like that but bigger version because that one has no brush attached.

I got 8 products from bronzers, blushers and highlighters. But some of the bronzers, I use more as blush because the shades suits more as a blush for me.

NUDIES BRONZE color sticks, the best bronzer for creating that sun-kissed makeup look you long for. With our natural, lightweight formula, these multipurpose cream bronzer sticks are the perfect swipe-and-go solution for achieving the look of healthy, glowing skin. You can even use them as a contour cream to create a more dramatic, chiselled look. 

Bondi Bae (medium golden brown)
I thought this would be too light for me but this looks so natural on my face and just gives a nice shadow that is great to contour my face as well. I only use bronzers to contour my face and this does the job very well. I love how easy it is to blend and it has very creamy consistency unlike with the other shades that are very matte and opaque but this is just the perfect bronzer shade that could only suit light to medium skin unfortunately. 

All the pictures below, I used the Bondi Bae first to contour my face and nose.

Sunkissed (deep terracotta bronze) 
I use this as a blush and I can't imagine anyone considering this as a bronzer because it is a reddish   brown with a hint of pink as well kind of shade. This is the shade that I look for a blush. It just gives a nice healthy flush on the skin that you normally get when you stayed in the sun for too long. It is almost like a sunburnt kind of effect. I think that is what they want to achieve with this shade.

Sunkissed used on my eyes, cheeks and lips

NUDIES MATTE All Over Blush Color is a true Nudestix staple, and helps you achieve a natural-looking flush that you can rock year-round. This amazing cream blush comes in shades that bring out your natural complexion so you look healthy and youthful.

  Bare Back (muted rose)
This is just too light pink for me that I don't even notice it on my face. This would only suit people with really light skintone. I actually regret buying this. I just saw it looked so good on a model but that model was caucasian so I should have considered that before picking this shade.

Sunkissed used on my eyes & cheeks 

 Naughty N' Spice (deep salmon pink)
I don't consider this as a salmon pink but instead a mauve one. I'm over mauve tones and I feel like it does not compliment my skintone at all. But looking at my pics now, I am starting to appreciate it and I might use this more often to really decide if I want it or not.

Naughty N' Spice used on my eyes, cheeks & lips

Sunset Strip (bright coral pink)
This is one of the latest release shade from them and I love this especially now that summer is approaching. A pretty coral shade that I would surely use a lot in the days to come when I want a nice summer glow on my cheeks.

Sunset Strip used on my eyes & cheeks with Hey, Honey highlighter

NUDIES All Over Face Color Glow is a cream highlighter stick that effortlessly glides onto your skin to create a gorgeous natural glow. Perfect for creating a sun-kissed, no-makeup makeup look with some serious sheen, this creamy balm can be used in easy swipes to bring radiance to your cheeks, eyes and lips.

Hey Honey (metallic gold) 
Love this highlighter so much! It gives a lit from within look kind of effect. It just gives a natural looking glow that is subtle yet still gives a nice impact on my face. This is certainly my top pick if you only need to buy one from this bunch, I would suggest this shade.

Used Hey, Honey to highlight my nose and on the high points of my cheeks and brows

 Brown Sugar, Baby (molten bronze)
I love mixing this with the my blush and also a great eyeshadow. It is just too dark for me as a highlighter but works great as a blush and eyeshadow topper that would give a nice bronzed effect.

 Used Brown Sugar, Baby on top of Sunkissed bronzer and on my lids

Overall, I do enjoy these products. Although some shades are not for me but the quality is there. They don't have any scent to them which is really a plus point. They blend fast but I noticed they leave some patches around my cheeks that are not covered well which you will see in my video below. So they don't distribute evenly which is sad for the price. But you don't really notice it not unless you look closer but with the price of these products, I expect more and should not give me those weird patches. You get a lot in every product though (7g) so it should lasts you a long time especially if you don't use them a lot like me that even after a year I still have so much products left in each tube. I only buy them when I get discounts since it is too pricey (around €30 each) for me personally. I know I won't use them all year round so it is not smart to splurge on them. I only use them during spring-summer time. 

Cream products were never my thing. I avoided them for years now since I thought they are time consuming & hard to apply but turned out the total opposite when I got them. They are really quick to apply and no fuss at all since I don't need any brush just my fingers when applying and blending them. I even want to try other brands' cream products as well. 

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 To see them in action, please check my video below


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