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My Lip Liner Collection

I recently been into lip liners. I had bought too light shades of lipsticks and people were suggesting to get a lip liner so that it would work for me. So I did! And they were right. The shades that I thought would not suit me, works for me now and that is the begin of my hunt for the best lip liners out there. 

Lip liners are being used differently with some people. For some or maybe most of the people uses it to line the outer edges of their lips. For me I prefer it when I apply it all over the lips since I feel like the lipstick with last a lot longer if I do it like that. It also helps to darken a very light shade. I have just been applying it like that ever since. 

The shades I got:
✮ MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil (Boldly Bare)
✮ MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil (Spice)
✮ NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner (Soft-Spoken)
✮ NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil (Peekaboo Neutral)
✮ NYX Professional Makeup Slim Lip Pencil (Ever)

I have 5 now in my collection. I got first a MAC one and then bought the rest when I enjoyed and appreciated the use and value of a lip liner. It really helps when you want to intensify a lip color that is not that opaque or too light for your skintone. I got NYX because they are way cheaper and I didn't want to spend that much for lip liners if I don't use them that much. 

MAC lip liners are expensive (€18) while NYX are around (€4). There's a big difference with their price and I didn't want to spend that much on a lip liner because I don't think I would use them often so I just looked for some dupes for the MAC shades I don't have. MAC is longer and has more product (1.5g) while NYX has (1g). MAC has just a little more product but the price difference is alot. So it's not really smart to spend that much if you don't intend to use it a lot like me. Most of my lipsticks don't need lip liners so I don't really feel the need to have a lot of it.

MAC's formula is better and creamier when applied. It just glides so smoothly and much more opaque compared to the NYX ones. So the price can be justified I guess. I prefer the MAC more because of the formula and just the feel of it on my lips and how it looks compared to the NYX. The point of this is much chubbier so it is faster to coat my lips. Plus I also like that the length of the pencil is longer.

The NYX is shorter but the body is bigger a bit than MAC which is slimmer. The formula of this when you just used it is so drying. It tugs your lips which can be painful. But I noticed after a few uses it can be smoother but not as smooth as the MAC ones. It just does not apply as good and fast as the MAC ones because this is not so opaque as well. 

Here are my MAC Lip liners
I first got a MAC liner because a Lisa Eldridge's lipstick was too light for me and a viewer of my channel suggested to get a lip liner for it to work. I heed her advice and looked for a possible one that can match it. I went to a MAC store because they had promotion during black friday and asked which lip liner would match the Kinda Sexy shade from them. I remembered I gave that one away because it was too light for me and the makeup artist suggested this. 

I already searched ahead the possible shades. I didn't expect that this would be the one. I thought it should be more with brown undertone because this is more on the peachy side. So I thought it would even make it look brighter on me instead of making it darker. I almost returned it because I was really doubtful but after searching for swatches online I just decided maybe it would work and just trust the recommendation of the MAC makeup artist there. And it matches the Velvet Fawn from Lisa Eldridge pretty well.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil (Boldly Bare) + Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipstick Colour (Velvet Fawn)
It makes the Velvet Fawn looks peachy though instead of a light nude brown shade for me. But it is not really a big deal because I already have so much nude shades that it should also not be brown all the time. I have enough of that already since I love buying those kind of shades.

This shade was a recommendation of a viewer of my channel. She thought I would love this shade and she is right! This is like a MLBB shade for me that I love to wear alone and it is enough for me. A perfect everyday shade but I'm still not sure which lipstick I could pair with this. 

Now my NYX Lip Liners
I only got them because MAC lip liners are not cheap and I wanted a cheaper alternative for the shades I still don't have. These are the dupes of the MAC shades I don't have. Alot of people are raving about these lip liners as well so I just went for it when it was on promotions as well. I got them around €3 so very affordable.

This is like a mauve kind of shade so if you have those kind of lipsticks, this would be the perfect shade for it. They said this is the dupe for the MAC Whirl lipliner. Since I am not really into mauve shades nowadays, I didn't want to invest on a MAC one. I even gave away my Whirl lipstick because I am over the brown lipsticks. It was just too dark for me.

This is a light peach kind of shade which is the perfect shade to pair with my MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick (Mull It Over). It reminds me a bit of the boldly bare lip liner but this is lighter. I thought in pictures it would be more like a coral pink shade but it's not.

They said this would be the dupe for MAC Soar which is a very popular shade as well. This is a pretty light pink brown kind of shade. And this would pair best with most of the shades I go for lipsticks.

These are the swatches 
I'm pretty satisfied and happy with them since they are the shades I normally go for so I won't be having a problem pairing them with my lipsticks. I might still get darker reds kind of lip liner since darker reds are mostly patchy so a lip liner comes in handy. 

If I would choose which one I would get more, it would be the MAC ones because the formula is just better. I feel like my lipstick will just lasts longer and it is more opaque and creamy so the application is faster. I can say it is worth the price and I would surely get more from them.

To see them in action please check my video below


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