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Essence Stay 8H Waterproof Lipliner Review

I have been keen on trying more lip liners lately since I started using lipliners few months back. When I started using them, I realized their value for my makeup especially when times I get a lighter/wrong shade of lipsticks so I can change the color of a lipstick with the help of these lipliners. I can make them darker, lighter or anything I want to achieve depends on the situation. 

I decided to try these from Essence since I saw someone talked about them and I was also curious to try their lipliners since I haven't bought any lipliner from this brand before. They are pretty affordable and most of the time you can get them for 1+1. I hesitated to buy anything from the stores before because in my local Kruidvat, they don't seal them. True enough when I opened to check some of the shades, most of them are swatched. That's why I don't have all shades from this line because some of the shades, people swatched everything. My plan was to review them all because there was promotion that week, but sadly it was only applicable online. So I learned my lesson not to buy anything from the stores again and better order online because you just don't know if people opened it.

The packaging of this line is really pretty. It does not look and feel cheap at all. I like the feel and weight of it when I hold it. It is long enough to hold and apply it comfortably which I like with a lipliner. The cap has the essence logo on top of it and the body has the color that should be the matched with the shade of the bullet I guess but they don't look the same at all so don't based it on that.  

I first thought that this line is their new release but when I looked it up, they have been out since last year. I don't see anyone reviewing them yet on youtube so I hope my review there (check below) can be helpful to anyone who are still not sure which shade to get.

 According to Essence:
For lips that look perfect for an ultra-long time: no matter whether for breakfast, lunch or a coffee break – the kiss-proof lip liners stay on your lips for up to eight hours. The highly-pigmented texture glides onto the lips easily and evenly without making them feel dry. In addition to the retractable mine, the small sharpener at the end of the pencil ensures precision. Available in eight colours such as nude, red and pink, the waterproof lip liners offer the perfect match for various lipsticks.

What I like about it, is that it is a retractable type of lip pencil so it won't get shorter overtime which would be too hard to hold when they reached or almost reach the end part. It has also a cute sharpener at the end of the pencil which really works and the liner will look like brand new again everytime. I only sharpened it once but I should really make it a habit since it is easier to apply it when it is a bit pointy.

I only got 5 shades since they are the only shades that has untouched/unswatched left.
01 because duh 02 tea time 03 so default 04 keep receipts 07 I am shooketh!

This is good nude shade, although a bit light for me but if you are lighter than me, it would look great on you for sure. It is just not that visible on my lips because it is almost the same as my lip color but just lighter.

This is a true mauve shade on me. I don't like this since I don't really like mauve nowadays so I won't be needing this. But if you like mauve then this would be a perfect lipliner for your mauve lipsticks.

My most favorite among the five that I got. This is also the most opaque and creamy. This will look good alone. I don't need any lipstick when I wear this. It is a pretty rose pink kind of shade.

This is also a mauve kind of shade but much brighter than the shade 2. More pink looking than the tea time so both are good to be paired with any mauve or pink lipsticks.

The last and the worst shade because it was a struggle to apply it. It is very patchy. I don't like how it looks on my lips and it is not opaque enough for me to be underneath any red lipsticks. Not a good formula for this shade, sadly.

Here are all the shades I got, side by side
They have potential and they are indeed longlasting because when I tested it while eating, most of the products stayed especially on my top lip which was really amazing to see even after drinking coffee. It is indeed waterproof because it does not budge when drinking water only because eating or even drinking anything warm would definitely fade it significantly.

More swatches on my arm
Overall, I don't really like most of the shades I got. I only like shade 3 and a bit shade 1. I hope they will release more shades or I should check the shades I was not able to get. The formula is good except with the shade 7. They are indeed longlasting and they can be really a good alternative with those of higher priced lipliner but I still prefer my MAC ones. These are not bad but I just prefer and love more the MAC formula and the shades as well.

It has 0.28 grams of product and costs €1.89 each here

To know more please check my video below


  1. I really should have found this BEFORE I wasted money and bought 2 wrong shades( Gonna get the right one tomorrow. Thanks for the review, it was helpful.

    1. Hi, thank you for leaving this great feedback. I hope it works out with the new shade. 💖 I'm really glad I could help.


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