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Cover Fx Monochromatic Bronzer & Blush Duo Review

The moment I laid my eyes on these products from Cover FX, I wanted to have them and were on my wishlist for months now. I waited until I can use my birthday discount code at Feelunique because they offer 20% off on your birthday. And finally, the day came and was so excited to have them. There was a bit of a problem because the bronzer came broken when I opened it but they replied right away when I mailed them and sent immediately a replacement which is really a great testament how great their customer service is.

Feelunique (DE)

I chose only two products since they are expensive but luckily, aside from my 20% discount, they were on sale as well when I ordered them so I saved 40% off (more or less) each product. I've seen so many posts about them in instagram which really influenced me to get them because they look so beautiful in pictures and all the reviews I saw, were really positive with these products. 

What drew me to them as well is the packaging. I love how they look, almost vintage looking and the cream packaging is really appealing to me. What surprised me the most and which I love as well with them is they have magnetic closure. It is really a luxe feeling and what set them apart from other clean beauty brands that I have tried. It so easy to open and close the product. It feels weighty and good quality packaging which won't break easily when you accidentally drop it (although the product inside is very fragile) but the packaging itself feels so sturdy which is a major plus point. It's not bulky but the top part is not flat so it is a bit a problem to store it because when you put a product on top of it, it won't be stable because it is not flat. Also since the packaging is light color, it can be stained easily so you just need to be mindful with that but you won't see any fingerprints which is good because it is matte.

Cover Fx Duo Bronzer 14.5G Sunkissed Bronze

Formulated talc-free for color-true, high-impact payoff, these bronzer palette duos include both a matte and shimmer shade for a monochromatic, multidimensional effect. Use individually or layer together to customize your finish. 

This clinically tested vegan.



Using a Powder Brush, blend over foundation or bare skin. Use the matte shade for an all-over sunkissed flush or the shimmer shade for a lit-from-within glow.

Drape and layer both the shimmer and the matte shades together for a multidimensional finish.

I was so excited to try this but when I opened it, the shimmer side was detached and I was so disappointed. But good thing that they sent me a replacement and it was in perfect condition so I'm really thankful they did that unlike Sephora France that they still want you to send the broken palette before they refund you or send a replacement which is too much hassle for me when they should make it easier for me since I am the one who got a damaged product. That's why I don't order in Sephora anymore and they don't offer free shipping as well even if you reached €80 or even €100 which is really disappointing and they are a huge company compared to Feelunique. 

This is what happened when I just opened this product. I saw some smudges already of the bronzer on the box and the top part of the packaging so I was already nervous opening it. True enough the shimmer part came off. So if you order it, just leave a request if they can wrap it individually with bubble wrap because mine only had air cushions but the boxes were not individually wrapped with a bubble wrap. The replacement they sent me, they packed it really good with bubble wrap so it came perfectly okay.

Bottom to Top: Bronzer - Shimmer - Bronzer + Shimmer

As you can see, it is very opaque so you need to be light handed when getting the product and while applying it. I first tap some products on my hand before applying it so it won't be too intense. This shade is too dark for me but it can still work but not my preferred tone for bronzer. I can see this working with medium skintone. I hope they make a lighter shade for fair to light skintone. The formula is great, blends beautifully and the shimmer adds a nice glow on your face. I don't need to add a highlighter anymore when I use it but this is too dark to use as a highlighter so it is only good as topper. I don't smell much from this product but what I smell is really pleasant and not strong. The formula is quite dry but not chalky or patchy. 

Feelunique (DE)

This is the result while using this bronzer for my makeup look that day. I love how it looks when I have all my makeup on since it does not look so dark anymore and it just blends with my other makeup seamlessly. It just gives me a nice bronzed and contoured look.


Discover the Cover FX Cheek Duo Blush, formulated talc-free for coluor-true, high-impact payoff, these blush palette duos include both a matte and shimmer shade for a monochromatic, multidimensional effect. Use individually or layer together to customize your finish. 

This clinically tested vegan


Using a Powder Brush, blend over foundation or bare skin. Use the matte shade for a healthy flush or the shimmer shade for a lit-from-within glow.

I expected a different shade for this, I thought it would be more on the brown side but it is more dark peach shade which is hard for me to pair with my eyeshadows. I do use this for monochromatic looks so I apply this as an eyeshadow as well and my blush at the same time. This shade is more for Autumn-Winter shade for me which I'm a bit disappointed because I wanted a shade that I can use all year round. It can work still in summer but it is just too dark for me personally. 

Bottom to Top: Bronzer - Shimmer - Bronzer + Shimmer

Like the bronzer, this is very opaque as well. So you need to be careful how many products you pick up with your brush. It is not a patchy formula which I appreciate and just blends easily on me. I love to combine it with the shimmer because it can look flat when I only use the matte shade which I normally prefer but with this product, I prefer it with the shimmer since it looks better on me.

This is the result when I did a monochromatic look with this blusher duo. Both the bush and bronzer are great as an eyeshadow and plus the shimmers on top, it just gives a pretty eye look. I love that about them since they are multi purpose. This blush is so opaque that even one layer is enough and like the bronzer, this is not patchy and blends beautifully on my skin. 

They are really beautiful products, they are just too opaque and dark for me personally. I will still try some shades especially with their blushers and I am hoping they will release a lighter shade for the bronzer duo. They are expensive but worth it and they are clean beauty as well! In comparison with other clean beauty bronzer or blush that I have, they are even cheaper. I love the quality and how long they last on my face. They don't fade at all and just stays really good on my face. 

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