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My Pink Mauve Lipstick Collection

This is a requested review that I am gladly to make to anyone who is also looking for this kind of lipstick shade. Mauve is really fave my color, be it with clothes, accessories and makeup but lately I am avoiding this lipstick shade because I felt that it does not really suit me or I don't like how it looks on me that's why I stopped wearing and buying them. It really depends on your preference but for me, I feel like it does not compliment my skintone but not every shade of it, only the darker or brighter shade. You will see below which are my faves and not so fave. I hope this would helpful and you can find something you like.

Here are the 9 shades I have. I thought I had 10 but while editing I saw that one lipstick does not fall really into the pink mauve category so I did not include it anymore. I have different formulas and brands that you can choose and mostly they are affordable. I love Kbeauty lipsticks that's why majority of the lipsticks I am going to feature is from a Kbeauty brand. I also try every now and then drugstore products but not enough that's why if everything gets back to normal, I would buy more from drugstore.

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint (06 Figfig)

This is the lightest formula among the bunch. I love wearing this during summer time because the formula is so light and hydrating. I tend to go for lip tints during warmer months because I love shiny/glossy looks during this time. It's not that longlasting though and it won't stay as shiny after few hours which is a bit the down side of this line.

Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Cream (030 Hazel-Rose Royce)

Sadly, I can't find a link for this anymore so they might be discontinued but I saw they have new shades and one of it is a Mauve shade as well so I might check that out as well. This is not so hydrating formula. It is light and gives shine but not my fave lipstick among my collection. 

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink Blur (03 Moody Rose)

This is a very airy or cushiony kind of formula which reminds me of the Peripera Airy tints. If you like that kind of formula, you might want to try this. It needs some layers to make it opaque because the formula is really light and soft as well. If you like more the blotted lip effect then this is for you. This is also a very pretty shade that I should wear more often.

If you want a much more opaque formula than the Blur tint from this brand then you should try this. I love that this smoothes out my lips and also hydrating. It lasts long and don't fade at all if I don't eat. One of my fave lip products from Korea for sure.

Essence This Is Me Lipstick (02 Happy)

I can't find any online shop here that sells this line but I know I still saw them in our local Kruidvat a week ago. Maybe they will discontinue this line as well but I still saw it on Essence's official website. This is a good formula for lipstick as well and it does not feel drugstore at all but because I have so many lipsticks I don't reach for this at all. But if you are looking for a drugstore mauve lipstick, this is really a good option. It is very opaque, one swipe is enough and really creamy as well. What I don't like with this line is the taste of the lipstick. It is a bit strong for me and I taste it all the time while wearing it.

MAC Matte Lipstick (Mehr)

My first ever MAC lipstick. I still remember the moment I got it and how excited I was. This is the driest bullet lipstick formula among my mauve collection. I did love this and used this consistently when I just had it but because I am now not into mauve shades, I stopped using it. But everytime I need to pair a lipstick with my pink makeup looks this is one of the shades I reach for.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick (13 Nohalicious)

This is the most interesting formula because this feels like a liquid lipstick when it dries down completely. It won't budge! But not as drying as a liquid lipstick for sure. So if you want a longlasting, transfer proof bullet lipstick, look no further. This is more like a pink brown mauve kind of shade that it is easy for me to use it more because I can pair it with a lot of looks.

This is one of the least fave and used lipstick from my collection. I just don't like liquid lipstick anymore.
This is longlasting but the application takes so long and so many steps I need to do inorder for me to like how it looks on my lips. It accentuates the lines on my lips and it just looks and feels drying that's why it is a no for me. This is more the bright pink mauve kind of shade as well. I thought it was not as bright as this when I reviewed it few months ago but I still consider this shade to be a pink mauve.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (170 Initiator)

I forgot to take a picture of this lipstick. I just took a screenshot of my video that's why this picture looks different and zoomed in than the rest. This is also a liquid lipstick that I don't like. I need to wait for hours even before this dries down completely. Who has time for that? The formula is really thick and drying on the lips as well. It is very longlasting even if I eat but I just don't like the drying time of this product. If you are looking for a true budge proof lipstick, then you might like this.

Those are my Pink Mauve Lipstick Collection. I hope you find something you might want to try or get. I would try my best to use them now that I decided not to buy new lipsticks because I rarely wear one nowadays because we always wear mask now so there will be no new lipstick purchase for me until everything will be back to normal. 

To know more please check my video below and see them in action


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