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Firmoo Glasses Review 2020

I have been loving this brand's glasses especially their sunglasses for years now. I didn't expect so much since they are not that expensive and I thought it might not work because I just order it online without seeing the glasses in person. It's just a gamble that I took and it paid off. I have a very big head and face and most of glasses I try here don't fit my face but luckily Firmoo makes big enough for my face. 

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I never heard about them not until they reached out to me few years back. They wanted me to make a review on youtube about their glasses for free in exchange for a video. I can choose whatever glasses I want and also with grade and choose this because it was the best looking glasses for me at that time. And I was right because I got so many compliments when I was still using it. It was the only glasses that people really stopped me and asked where I bought my glasses. But that was really thin and fragile that's why it was broken within a year or more than a year of using it which is sad. So I won't buy anymore with a thin and plastic frame for my glasses.

This was my first glasses from them. It is really a beautiful frame and a compliment getter for sure. Too bad they only sell the green version of this now. I hope they will restock or make the pink version again. I might reconsider buying this again and just make sure I will not sit on it ever. It is fragile but if you take care of it, I think it will last longer than it did with me. If you want to see my review about it, you can check it here.

I bought this when the first one was broken but a black version of this. I forgot to take a picture of it so I just grabbed the photo from Firmoo's website. But the one I got was black as shown on the second photo above. This was really a great looking big frame that I did love but it broke again because I was not so careful in handling it. 

Now my favorite which is sunglasses. I was really wanting a graded sunglasses because I didn't want to use contact lenses inorder for me to see clear when I wear one. I was so satisfied with the normal glasses, I decided to try their sunglasses also so it is only one shipping as well when I ordered my second glasses to replace the pink one.

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You have different options like the normal glasses to pick which kind of lens you will get. You will pay every upgrade you will choose but there are also free options. I think I showed it with my first review on them which you can check it here. I always chose the polarized one because it has more benefits.

I was really pleasantly surprised when I got this because it really looks and feels expensive. The detail, weight and how it feels on is different than my other previous glasses from them. This feels so sturdy, I also love how clear and how it blocks the sun rays when I use it. With cheap ones, it is painful to look when there is sun rays but with this it is more pleasant when I use it on the beach or just a very sunny day outside. It just blocks the perfect amount plus it is graded so I can see good my surroundings especially when I'm biking. I highly recommend this model that's why after this, I realized I should not choose a plastic frame because they don't last as long as this frame. I took this on vacation many times and on the beach and it still looks brand new until now. No fading or visible scratches.

I just got this recently and I wanted to try the brown polarized version. This frame is purple but it looks more pink in person with gold details. This is not a great as the black one. This feels and looks cheap so I won't get this kind of frames ever again. At first I didn't like the brown tint but it grew on me when I used it outside but I still prefer the black one.

I recommend you trying this website if you want an affordable graded glasses that are good quality, depends which frame you choose. They provide tools as well so you can adjust it and some extra screws. Make sure you ask for the sturdy case with the map design so it would be safe while in transit. The shipping is fast, within two weeks. You need to pay for shipping but it is worth it so you won't wait long. The customer service is good as well. There was a problem because I ordered sunglasses for my husband that are graded too but because his grade is too high, they can't make it polarized. They refunded me and really waited for my decision if I still wanted it or not. I'm glad I still went for it even though he only got the standard one because he really loves it. You just need to scan your Rx from your optometrist and that's it. Of course sometimes you just can't tell what you get because you can't see it in person. But mostly from what I got, I am pretty satisfied with them. They are not as longlasting as the branded ones of course but they are good enough for me. 

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