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Kosas Revealer Concealer Tone 03 Review


I have been using the same concealer for 2 straight or even more years now so when I got into "Clean Beauty", I wanted to try the concealers since I only had one and didn't deviate from it for years now. This was a new release from the brand and they changed their packaging as well. It's more colorful than the usual black and white combo. They are trying to look cool I guess and much more hip. I did review the Kosas Tinted Face Oil and really loved it that's why I had high hopes with this concealer.

They offer 16 shades which is really good because not all brands especially clean beauty brands offer this wide range of shades. Hats off to Kosas because they are trying to be more inclusive and a lot of people will have a chance to enjoy and try their products. I thought I would be tone 3.5 because they said your shade with the Tinted Face Oil will also be your shade with their concealer but when I searched for other asians that did review this concealer, they all had tone 3 so I just went for it and gladly it worked with my skintone as well.

fair light with cool undertones
6ml / .20 fl oz
€26 (depends where you buy it)
This is a medium-to-full coverage clean concealer that actually improves the appearance of your complexion to reveal better skin. Covers and reduces the look of dark circles and blemishes, but still fully looks like your skin. Packed with potent botanicals that nourish and also give you a smooth, radiant finish. Super creamy, super brightening, like a lightbulb for your skin.
I prefer applying it with a sponge because it blends better and I just like how it looks compared if I use a brush which will look streaky. With my fingers it just takes longer to blend and the coverage is higher. So if you want to have full coverage with it, then just use your finger.

This is a bit thick but once it blends, my skin just absorbs it good. It does not look cakey or heavy. It will not just sit on top and move around. It is very hydrating and brightening. 

It does last long on my face and does not fade or oxidize. It still looks beautiful even at the end of the day and it does not settle on my fine lines which is a major plus point for this concealer.

This works pretty good with all the foundations I used with it. I used a cushion foundation, the Kosas Tinted Oil, Kjaer Weis Foundtion, Laura Mercier foundation and other foundations I have and there was not problem at all. I really noticed brightening when I use this and also it does feel like a skincare and makeup in one. It feels so hydrating and covers majority of my redness and blemishes but not the very dark or big acnes. I know a lot of people is saying that it can tend to look too yellow which I noticed as well at first but when I shaked it before use, I noticed it's not that yellow anymore. I am lucky because I have yellow undertone so it works fine for me but I can see it can be a problem with other skintone. I love that the ingredients of this product are really good for your skin and very hydrating and it shows when I use it. It's very soothing, it does plump my skin and it just gives more life to my tired face. It really brightens my dark circles. If you have dry skin and is looking for a hydrating concealer then this is the perfect one and you get more than just a normal concealer. I can see myself having this in my collection for a long time and would certainly repurchase it. This has become my favorite and I love using it all the time. 

You can check the Kosas website to see the full ingredients and check more about this product. I see now they ship worldwide. You just need to prepay the tax and shipping cost at checkout. 

To know more and see my detailed review on it, please check my video below


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