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My Orange/Coral Lipsticks Collection

Summer is here that's why I was inspired to make this review. Orange or Coral shades are normally the shades I gravitate to during warmer months. I just love how bright and fun they look and they just give you the summer vibes. These are the lipsticks I collected throughout the years and I'm glad I can finally wear vibrant lip products again which are more lip tints or glossy type lipsticks. I tend to only like glossy lip products during summer time because I prefer more sheer and hydrating kind of lip products when it is so warm outside.

Products used:
These are some of my fave summer shades. Some I use more than the other shades and some I don't dare to even use like the Modern Coral shade. It really depends on my mood. I stopped buying lipstick because I don't use them anymore these days because I am wearing mask all the time that's why I try to enjoy what I have and it is also good so that I can hopefully enjoy them before they go bad. That's the problem when you are like me and you have a lot of lipsticks because you tend to neglect some of your collection because you have a lot to choose from. It can be pretty overwhelming and I just stick mostly to the colors I like and that stood out to me. I am doing a shop my stash every week so I can rotate more and use the products I have. 

To see them in action and to know more please check my video below


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