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Tower 28 Beauty Review

I am starting to get into "clean beauty" and this is one of the brands that intrigued me the most. I love that they cater for sensitive skin especially with eczema since the founder of the brand have this and she felt she needed to feel a hole for it in the beauty industry. She's been working in the beauty industry for 15 years and she decided to make her own brand to offer makeup brands that are not only good for her own skin concern but also others that have been looking for makeup brand that are good for their sensitive skin.  

This brand is fairly a new brand that launched April 2019. They still don't have so much products for now but I have most of what they offer. I only chose them just to start and they are the only ones that stood out to me that I want to try first just to test the waters for this brand.

The packaging is just a clear plastic containers that it feels and looks cheap. I feel like how they packaged them is that their target audience are teens and not adult women. They look like the packaging you find in most Kbeauty makeup products that are fun and playful looking. So for packaging, I am not a big fan but it helps that you see the product right away. They are light and compact which are good for travels. But I feel like when you drop them, you will see the cracks and they feel like they would break easily when dropped. 

At the back of the packaging you will see the shades and more informations about the products. If you want to know more with the ingredients, they listed everything on their website. What I love about this brand as well is that they are vegan, cruelty and most especially non-toxic. I hope more brands will produce more with this kind of makeup line and green movement has been on the rise and I'm finally joining the ride. 

Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer 

(West Coast) €22

4.5 G  / 0.16 OZ 

medium bronze with neutral undertones

Inspired by that moment when the sun sets over the ocean, Bronzino is a blendable, buildable illuminating cream bronzer for that effortless, summer glow from within. 

Bronzino comes in 2 buildable shades with a multi-dimensional sheen. 


A glowy bronzy sheen, without the shimmer or sparkle. 


Tap on wherever the sun naturally shines on your face and buff, buff, blend to add warmth and dimension. Hint: Bronzino is multipurpose. Try it on eyes and lips for an easy wash of color (just tap on!)


This silicone-free formula is made with mineral pigment and skin-loving ingredients like moisturizing mango butter + calming green tea extract to help soothe and condition the skin. 

This looks so scary on the pan because of the glitters and seems so dark in person. But when applied, it just gives you a beautiful illuminating effect. It does not look too dark, it just looks like a beautiful bronzed effect on me. I find that it is better to apply this with a brush because it keeps the glowy effect unlike with a finger that it turns it into matte. The sponge takes so long to apply that's why I don't like it with this product. 

BeachPlease Tinted Balm 

(Magic Hour) €22

4.5 g / 4.7 ml

sun-kissed rosy nude

A multi-purpose tinted balm that blends seamlessly for a natural luminous finish. No cakiness. No harsh lines. Just beautiful, sun-kissed skin. Lucky you.

3 shades inspired by the colors of the Santa Monica sunset. 

That golden/magic/happy hour glow all day long. Hello, summer!

For cheeks and lips. Just tap tap, blend, and layer for bolder color!

This silicone-free formula is made with skin-loving plant-based ingredients like green tea extract and aloe vera extract that gives a skincare boost with every application.

This is the shade I am more drawn to than the other 3 shades, although I did like the orange one but it was soldout when I ordered them so I will just get it next time. Described as a nude rosy shade which I agree. It won't show up good when used a sponge or brush so I prefer applying it with my finger instead. It does not look patchy which I love unlike other cream or even powder blush on me. This feels so nourishing on the cheeks and just a great everyday  natural color on your cheeks.

SuperDew Highlighter Balm

(No Shade) €19

4.5 g / 4.7 ml


"NEW GLOW-Y SKIN SECRET" according to Fashionista.

SuperDew is a translucent complexion-boosting highlight balm. No shimmer, no glitter, no daytime disco - just glassy luminous skin. 

SuperDew has received the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance™ and is safe for all skin types.  


SuperDew No shade, just glow. Get that no-makeup makeup, post-workout radiant glow (no sweating required). 


Repeat after us: Tap. Tap. Blend. Tap one cheek, tap the other (or anywhere the sun shines!) and blend onto the high point of your face. It's as easy as tap, tap, blend.


The first rule of glassy skin is healthy skin. That's why SuperDew is infused with skin-loving ingredients like soothing chamomile and calming green tea extract. They work to deliver a boost of skin benefits with every application. Use it for glossy eye looks and apply to dry, flaky skin in a pinch!

SuperDew Highlighter Balm is 100% vegan + cruelty free.

I was so excited for this since this is my first highlighter that it is like this. It has no color and shimmer that's why I was so curious to try this to see how it looks on me but to my disappointment when I got it. It came damaged and melted which you will see on the pic but when I mailed there cs, they immediately responded and asked if I want a replacement or refund. Since they can't ensure that it won't happen again, I just opted for refund that I already got. I am really pleased with their customer service! Since, I have it already, I just tried to sanitized it so I can try it but it became worse but I can still use it. This is much thicker consistency but I guess because it is already melted already that's why I need to be careful when picking up products. They told me to discard it but I'm just really curious with this that's why I still used it just to see if I will like it. But because the formula turned weird already and I don't really feel that it is a special product, I will just use this as a hand cream instead. I searched about this to see if there are people complaining about this when they got it, and I saw a few that said they received it melted as well. They wrapped it with a bubble wrap and it was the only one among all the Tower 28 I ordered, so they knew that this is so fragile but the bubble wrap still can't protect it. So I hope they will protect it more or the brand can reformulate it that it won't be easily melted like their other products that I did not have a problem at all. I tried to reach out to the brand's instagram to ask if this is normal but they ignored my message which is disappointing.

ShineOn Lip Jelly

(Chill) €15

94 ml / 0.13 ml

clear shade

Jelly = the shine of a gloss, the comfort of a balm, + a pop of color. For never sticky, always shiny lips!  

Just swipe and smile! Apply over bare lips or over your favorite lip color.

Traditional lip gloss coats lips with a layer of shine, but can end up leaving lips dry underneath. Pass on that, thanks. ShineOn is a moisturizing lip treatment formulated with a unique blend of 5 nourishing oils to soothe and protect lips. ShineOn and on and on!

I opted to get this since this is a clear shade and would benefit me now because I always wear a face mask so this won't be messy and will go all over my mouth area unlike the normal lipsticks. This is so nourishing under the face mask and lasts for hours which I love. Even after working and eating during my break, my lips still feel nourished and hydrated. I normally don't like to wear clear lip gloss alone but because I always use mask, no one will see it anyway and I am starting to embrace it now for days that I don't like wearing any colored tint on my lips. I hope they included spf as well but maybe they will make one soon.

So these are the products I got from Tower 28 and so far I love most of them. It is unfortunate with the highlighter but I'm glad I got refunded for it. They are indeed so nourishing on the face and I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup at all. If you have a dry-sensitive skin that wants to achieve that glow, these are the products for you. They are not that expensive nor too cheap, just in between. I will still try more from  them if they will release new products and I am also looking forward in trying their tinted Lip Jellies.

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