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Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer (Light) Review

I have been wanting to try more clean beauty bronzers and this is one of them. I got intrigued and it was also a recent release so I was excited to try it when I saw so many positive reviews about it. Kosas has been one of my fave brands as of late since all the products I tried from them works well with my skin and are really high quality products and to top it all, clean as well.

The packaging is a plastic frosted packaging that is a a bit bulky because it is a baked powder inside which is in a dome shape like any other baked powder products. This look is way different than their original sleek black packaging. This is more fun and striking looking than the black packaging but I still prefer the black packaging. It just looks more mature and compact as well.

€32 (0.21oz/ 6 g)

Good clean sun. This is a clean, moisturizing baked bronzer made with Shea Butter to give you that glow your skin gets in really pretty sunset light. Like a Golden Hour filter you can wear. 

The Sun Show in Light is a Light Champagne Bronze. Pairs well with Tinted Face Oil & Revealer Concealer Tones 01, 02, 03, 3.5, 04.

The formula is really smooth and light. You see tiny shimmers that will just give you a nice glow on your face. It is a light warm toned brown shade that I like since it does not look too orange or red on my face. Just enough tone to give a nice contoured look that looks natural. But the problem of this is the smell, you need to smell this yourself to know how bad it is. Normally, Im not really sensitive with smell but this is too much. It's hard to explain the smell but if you are particular with scents then you might not like this. It does not smell floral or any common strong cosmetic scent but worse. When I apply it, it really lingers and that scent is not a pleasant at all.

Pictures of me after I completed my makeup look using this bronzer

My Verdict:

Rating: 4/5 
This is really smooth and gives a nice sheen to my face because of the baked formula. It is quite light that's why if you are darker than me then this won't show up good on your face. The only complain about this is the smell. Not a pleasant smell at all. I could have given this 5/5 if it does not smell horrendous as this. It blends beautifully on my skin and it is not so opaque so you will not overdo it which I prefer with bronzers. It first use, you will have so much kick back but after awhile it will just stop which I am really happy with that because it is not messy anymore.

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