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My Fall-Winter Lipstick Favorites And Recommendations

It is Fall time again and I was inspired to make this recommendation and review of my favorite lipstick shades for this time of the year. I tend to use dark colored or vampy lipsticks during colder months. I also added nude shades that you can use for everyday or work appropriate shades as well. Some are old favorites but I added new ones. I hope this would be helpful to anyone looking for lipsticks during these seasons.

These are my recommendations. I chose 12 since they are the shades that I do love and use during fall-winter months.

A reddish orange shade. This is the tint formula that I love and bought so much because it is very hydrating and I just love how it looks on me. It is very affordable but the quality is amazing. I normally only use this during colder months because it is just perfect shade for these seasons.

Like what the shade name is, it is a red brownish shade. I consider this as a vampy shade and I need to be in the mood for this because it is a statement shade. I love the formula of this because it is so smoothing on the lips and has a cushiony feel to it.

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil (Spice)

This is a new discovery of mine since it was just recently recommended to me and I really love this shade. It's like a red brownish shade as well and looks like a MLBB for me but a bit darker. I only like this shade for colder months because it is too red for summer time or spring time for me.

Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner (Covert Affair)

This is a youtube made me buy it shade because a youtuber loves this shade and it looks really pretty on her. I love this kind of red since it is not a bright kind but more on a darker and with a hint of orange. I love the formula as well since it glides easily and very creamy as well.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet (33 Brun’croyable)

This my kinda shade for these seasons. A dark brownish red color as well. It is very smoothing as well and if you don't like a drying/matte formula, then this is perfect for you. 

MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss (Devoted to Chili)

This is also a red orange kind of shade but more on the orange side. This formula is great as well, very light and it gives you the blurred effect which I love so much.

MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick (Mocha)

This was a youtube made me buy it shade as well. I saw someone wearing in one of the videos I saw and fell in love with this shade instantly. This is a perfect orange beige with a hint of pink as well. I love to pair this with brown or orange eye looks and this is one of my most used lipsticks as well in my collection.

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (Taupe)

This is a latest addition to my collection and is a perfect nude shade for me during colder months. It's a brownish pink that is very pretty and I can pair a lot with the looks I normally go for.

STYLENANDA 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color (116 Inked Heart)

The most unique shade I have tried. This reminds me of pumpkin spice latte and anything that has got to do with fall. This shade is a pretty pumpkin shade for me and the best shade to represent this season.

STYLENANDA 3CE Mood Recipe Matte Lip Color (909 Smoked Rose)

A very pretty marsala red kind of shade for me. This is a kind of red that I prefer as well. Not the blue toned red kind of shade. I feel that this compliments my skintone better.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick (12 Brunette)

This is a beautiful dark red that I consider a vampy shade as well. This is the most longlasting formula among all the shades that I mention here since when it dries down, it won't budge at all. This is a bit drying formula but I don't really mind. 

MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (Marrakesh)

Lastly, my most favorite among all these shades. The perfect kind of red for me. It is the darker version of the Smoked Rose shade and I did use this a lot from the moment I got it. I'm so glad they put this shade back again since it was only a limited edition shade from them but now part of the permanent collection.

These are all the shades swatched

These are my lipstick recommendations for Fall-Winter for this year. I hope this was helpful and you can find something you like and would love. It is a pity that I can't enjoy them much because we wear mask everyday now but as much as I can, I try to wear lipsticks when it is possible. 

To see them in action, please check the video below


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