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NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream Review (Newer Shades)

A subscriber suggested a shade from this line and said to me that I might love the said shade because she knows which shades I normally prefer. While looking for swatches or reviews for the shade she suggested, I didn't find much videos of it. I realized that shade is a newer released from the brand 2 years ago but not a lot of people reviewed them. So, I decided to make one myself. Maybe there are also people looking for reviews with my skintone but can't find enough reviews. There are more newer shades (12 I think) but I only decided to get these shades since they are the only ones that stood out to me the most. Some are out of my comfort zone shade and some are my go to favorite shades.

I choose only 6 shades and some are unique or not yet in my collection that's why I decided to get them. The packaging is still the same but the black part of the cap, I'm not sure if it is the same because I don't remember it was like this before. It is like a rubberized finish like the NARS packaging which you see marks or dirts right away. They are light and compact which I like so they are not bulky if you put them inside your bag. They smell like cupcakes which is a plus for me but not strong or bothersome when you have them on so if you are sensitive to scent, it won't be a problem.

The formula is like a mousse type that is very light like a whipped cream and yet very pigmented. When it sets and it does not take long to set, it is almost transfer proof. When I ate and drank coffee, only the lower center lip part faded. Under the mask, it did transfer to my mask so it is not totally transfer/smudged proof. 

 NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream

In statement-making matte colors, our nude-based shades of Soft Matte Lip Cream deliver a burst of creamy color that sets to a stunning matte finish. Durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX Professional Makeup fan-favorite. Envelop your lips in this high-pigmented, plush matte formula in colors inspired by cities of the world. Enjoy matte lips that are always soft, never dry, in rosy hues of Copenhagen, go nude in Abu Dhabi and blush all over in Stockholm! This lip cream is a matte lipstick lover's dream - light on the lips and heavy on the pigmentation!
Leon: is the shade that a subscriber recommended to me and she's right, I really love this shade! A MLBB shade for me which what I normally love with lipstick shades. I love how opaque it is even though the formula is light but it just gives the perfect almost blotted effect but much more opaque. 

Beijing: is a barbie pink shade that does not suit me at all. It is too light pink for my liking. It did look good with the swatches I found but this would only work with lighter skintone I think. I look sickly when I had it on since it looks too pale on my lips.

Shanghai: this is a coral shade that is pretty but a bit too bright for me. A perfect spring-summer shade. Now that I see it in pictures, I am loving it but when I had it on it was a bit too much for me. In person it is like too bright/flashy so it is a statement shade that I really need to have a certain mood to be able to rock this.

San Francisco: is my second favorite shade. I knew already after seeing some swatches online that I would love this shade so I decided to get this as well. It is a peachy shade that normally one of my go to shades since I feel it compliments my skintone really well.

Toulouse: this shade reminds me of the Colourpop Trap shade. I chose this since I don't have anything like this in my collection. I noticed KBeauty brands never really release such shades because they prefer brighter shades there that's why I never review any shades like this anymore. I can only find this kind of shade with Western brands. It is like a grey shade with a purple undertone that I feel don't really suit me but maybe will be great to be paired with dark smokey eye looks.

Los Angeles: this looked dark red in pictures but it is like Toulouse but more on the brown side instead of the purple undertone. This is also a unique shade in my collection because I never buy this kind of shade since it looks so gloomy. I'm not sure if ever there will be a moment that I have a mood for this shade but this would pair nicely with heavy makeup looks so the attention would be more on the eyes and to balance the look I think so not everything is heavy looking on the face.

Swatches of all the 6 shades I got

My Verdict
I love the formula and how it feels on my lips. I remembered I bought 4 shades of this before but ended up being given away since during that time I was more into really thick and opaque formula that's why I didn't like the formula back then. But now that I am more for the blurred look with lipsticks, this is the best formula for that. Not messy and very light. I just feel like there is not so much products you can get because when I scoop it out, there's not really much inside. It is very longlasting even after eating which I was really surprised about because I didn't expect it since this is really a light formula. It can a bit drying but not as bad as liquid lipstick. It does not feel heavy on the lips which is a plus point. I would surely buy more if they release new shades in the future.

To know more and see them in action, please watch my video below


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