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Chanel Les Beiges Bronzing Cream (Soleil Tan Bronze Universel) Review


This has been a cult favorite for years now and I didn't take the plunge right away to get it because normally I don't buy luxury makeup brands but lately I want to try them more especially the popular ones just to see if I would love them. I am into cream products recently that's why this has been in my wishlist and I'm glad I was able to get it during promotion.

This is not the original version which had a different name (Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel). It created a controversy because they reformulated this bestselling product and changed it now with what I got. They now added coconut oil which a lot of people was mad about because this oil can clog pores and causes breakouts. They said why change something that has nothing wrong with it and everyone seems to love and keep on buying. So a lot was disappointed. But I think this version they try to improve it I guess to make it better but a lot disagrees. 

The packaging of this is so beautiful and you won't miss it when it is on top of your makeup table. It is also one of the reasons why I wanted to get it because normally bronzer lasts long with me so even if this is expensive but I know I can enjoy it longer and also just to experience having luxury or highend makeup as well. 

Aside from the beautiful packaging outside, inside is also the same with their iconic logo. It has a cover so it won't dry out faster I guess and also to protect the cream inside. The packaging although bulky but it is very light because it is made of plastic and nice to hold and easy to grab. I love the attention to details with this packaging.


A unique, lightweight and easy-to-blend cream-gel bronzer with a delicate, velvety finish that gives a natural sun-kissed glow.

The generously-sized jar makes it easy to swirl the kabuki brush, for effortless application.





This shade is really light and I need to layer a lot of products before it is shown good on my skin. The formula is like a gel type which is really nice on the face when applied and gives a nice glowy effect. It is warm toned but it won't show up with skintones darker than mine. I don't think this is a universal shade because with me it took a lot of products for me to be able to see it good on my skin. But the formula is really soft and blends nicely on my skin.

This is how it looks on my face after several layers. I was not satisfied with just few applications/layers because I could not really see it good but after maybe 6 layers I was able to see the difference and as you can see, it gave a nice warmth to my face. It does look contoured in a natural way because the tone of this is just right to create a nice shadow on my face although it can slightly look light orange but not so obvious.

My Verdict

Overall, it is an okay product for me but there are a lot of things to improve. The main problem is the pigmentation because it takes longer to apply so if you are in a hurry this would be a bit annoying. If it was a bit opaque and the undertone is a bit better then this would have been my top pick for cream bronzers. I think the undertone of this is much more complimenting to lighter skintone only. I hope they will release more shades because not everyone can enjoy this. They said the original version was better, I can't say anything about it because I never had that. It does not break me out which is great and the formula is really light and hydrating on the skin which I love. It has a strong scent but it does not bother me. If you are sensitive to that then it might be a problem because it is really apparent. You get a good value of your money because you get a lot and it will last you at least a year. And in my country it goes on promotion so I'm glad I could get it on discount. It is almost perfect but still a lot to improve that's why I'm not sure yet if I will repurchase it. Maybe if they will release a better version and other shades in the future, I might get one someday.

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