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Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (Coffee Edition) Review


I never thought I would try this range from maybelline again since my review with the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick didn't go well because they didn't dry quick enough for me. Some even dried down only after 2 hours! Which is not ideal because who has the time to wait for that long? But since this range has my favorite colors, I took another chance because I might like them now that I have learned a trick so that they might dry quicker. If you read until the end, you will know if it worked or not.

The packaging is really pretty and represents the theme really good which is coffee. I love that they changed their cap into this dark shade and not the typical white they have. This range looks so chic and on trend right now. I love the color range and the vibe it gives me. They are the shades that I normally go for and good for everyday wear because they are in the nude or brown, pink and dark red shades.

I picked up all the available shades which is 5 shades here in Belgium but in other parts of the world it is 6 shades. The one that is not available here is 280 Espresso Enthusiast which is a black red kind of shade. I don't think I would like it since it is very dark and almost black. But the rest that I got are the shades that are great for the looks I go for so I can really enjoy them.

The wand is just perfect to apply the products. It gets enough product so you don't need to dip back again. I love that it is flexible and not stiff and very soft as well. I did remove a lot of excess product before applying on the lips so it won't be thick and even after removing the excess products, it still enough to cover my whole lips.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick (Coffee Edition)


SuperStay Matte Ink™ Liquid Lipstick gives you a flawless matte finish in a range of super saturated shades. Now in coffee inspired shades!


Intensely perfect, perfectly intense. Fuel lips in rich coffee colors. No Transfer! Up to 16 hours of saturated liquid matte with Maybelline New York’s Superstay Matte Ink™ Coffee Edition Liquid Lipstick! This highly pigmented liquid matte lipstick features a unique arrow applicator for precise application. The formula is long-lasting and gives a flawless matte finish in six coffee inspired shades with delectable coffee scents. For easy removal, use with Maybelline's SuperStay Eraser lipstick remover.

This is a pretty nude shade. I didn't think I would like it since it looked so pale/light on swatches from other people. But on me, even it is a nude shade it still dark enough so it would work on me. This is the perfect coffee shade since it looks like a coffee with a creamier shade.

This is the shade I was most excited about because this is my ideal shade. Pinkish brown shade is one of my favorite go to lipstick shade and this is the perfect shade for it. A great everyday lipstick that is work appropriate because it's just a subtle shade that looks so feminine and classy.

I was first doubting if I would like this because this looked too orange on other people's swatches but thankfully it is not that bad on me. It is more like a pumpkin orange but a bit darker. This is perfect form Autumn time since it is the season of this kind of shade.

270 Cocoa Connoisseur
This is also one of the shades that caught my attention. It is just the perfect red tone for me. Not too bright or dark just in between. This shade is more for Autumn-Winter time for me as well because I don't like wearing reds when it is spring or summer time. This kind of red I feel like makes my teeth look whiter and it just gives life to my face as well. Just a perfect statement red for me.

This shade is out of my comfort zone and I don't think I will dare to wear this not unless it is for Halloween. This is a vampy dark red and since it is a darker shade, it was harder to apply it. And you notice that it makes like a line around the inner lip part which is not nice to see. It is very obvious when it dries down because I think it is a dark shade and I don't like that kind of look.

Arm swatches of all the shades

They are very pigmented and one swipe is more than enough. I learned that you need to apply so thinly so they will dry faster and I did that but it didn't work. I waited for 20 mins and still it did not dry so no matter how thin I applied, it still takes sometime for it to dry. I remember my friend told me she didn't like this because it was so sticky for her and that is really the case because while drying you will feel that your upper and lower lips will stick to each other and the product can be lifted which can be annoying.

My Verdict
3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️
If not for the formula that dries down so slow, I might give it a high score. No one has the time to wait this long to dry. They are very long lasting and it was hard to remove them when they dried down on my arm (you can see it on my video below). But after eating especially drinking coffee, most of the center part were gone. But if you just drink water and eat a cookie, I don't it would budge. You can reapply it also without any problem. The scent is really sweet and sometimes even headache inducing but does not linger whole day which is good. But I don't smell any coffee scent from any shades, it smells more like cookies or chocolates. It is quite drying which I know alot of people hate about liquid lipsticks even myself don't like that feeling but I don't plan to wear this everyday. I will just wear this occasionally and under the mask this will perform well because it is budge proof when it dries down completely.

You can also buy them at:
Indonesia: Shopee or Lazada
Philippines: Shopee or Lazada
Thailand: Lazada

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  1. Beautiful swatches and blog! I love the way you really showcase each product and your aesthetics is so calm and peaceful. I have a few Maybelline matte inks too and they aren't really built for comfort but like you said they have great staying power.

    If you're looking for more comfortable liquid lipsticks I'd suggest Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Liquid Lipstick or The Lip Bar (flower beauty isn't budge proof but the lip bar is).

    I think all the shades look great on you - yes Mocha Inventor is a bit patchy but mixed with another colour or with a gloss on top it could make a gorgeous vampy shade for you - have you tried mixing them?

    Thanks for your review - very helpful :)!

    1. Hi! So sorry for the late response, I just saw your comment today. Thank you so much for your great and sweet feedback. It means a lot! I will try the Flower beauty someday if they go on sale because they are pricey here where I live. The Lip Bar brand, I haven't seen or heard about them here but I will check it out. Thank you for your recommendations and appreciating my blog and review. Take care and stay safe 💕


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