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Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Review

I was so excited when I saw Tower 28 released a new version of their ShineOn Lip Jelly which are more muted or neutral tones compared to their bright toned original release. I only got the clear one at first which is the shade Chill and love it so much that I am already half through of my tube. It is much more hydrating and nourishing on my lips compared to all the lip balms I got that's why I prefer to wear it while working under a mask because it prevents my lips drying out. It remains moist and nourished under the mask which is great. You can check my full review of some of the Tower 28 Beauty's products here.

I got all the shades from this line because I love the formula so much and these shades are more up my alley. Two shades I doubted to get because it may not show up on my lips because the first shade seemed too light and the darkest shade is too brown looking for me. But they turned out okay in person.

The packaging is the same one from the original ones. And the wand is the same as well which is a thin and so soft when you apply it on your lips. It coats good the lips and grabs enough products as well for just one application. I love that they are clear packaging so you see right away which shade you are grabbing and it is very light as well and does not take up so much space inside my lipstick drawer. I love the simplicity and cuteness of their packaging.

Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly

The alternative milk of lip gloss. It’s everything you love about a juicy gloss with none of the hangups. Made with plant-based ingredients that are actually good for you like apricot oil and raspberry seed oil —the same healthy + nourishing oils used in our original cult-favorite ShineOn Lip Jelly (which comes in 6 juicy shades!)

Don’t stress - zero nuts were used in the making of these oatsome (sorry, had to) lip jellies. 100% vegan (duh), cruelty-free, and made in the good ole US of A. 

For the healthiest, shiniest, most wearable gloss ever.

Just swipe and smile! Apply over bare lips or over your favorite lip color.

Traditional lip gloss coats lips with a layer of shine, but can end up leaving lips dry underneath. Pass on that, thanks. ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly is a moisturizing lip treatment formulated with a unique blend of 5 nourishing oils to soothe and protect lips. ShineOn and on and on! 

Full ingredients here

 OATsemi-sheer, milky peachy pink

This is so light that it looks like a cloudy white effect on my lips. If you have the Chill shade, you don't need this because you almost get the same effect. This just have a slight tint to it. But on my lips, it is not that apparent. My lips look a bit blurred when I have it on because the shade is too light for me and that's the effect/result on my lips.

COCONUTsemi-sheer, milky mauve pink 

I thought I would not like this shade because it might not show up on my lips good but it just gives like a nice glow to my lips. This can be considered as a MLBB shade on me but just a bit lighter than my lips. It just improves or enhances how my lips look and it gives an illusion of very healthy looking lips.

CASHEWsemi-sheer, milky rosy brown

This is the closest shade to my lips and the best MLBB shade for me. This is normally the shade I go for and would use a lot for sure. The most natural looking on the lips as well and my top pick among the four. I was not able to place my order for this right away because this shade was soldout for the long time so a lot of people wanted to get hold of this shade as well because for me this is the best shade among the four.

ALMONDsemi-sheer, milky chocolate

This is the darkest shade and my least fave as well because it is too brown looking on me. This would be a great nude color to darker skintones and will compliment them more compared on me I think. This is like a coffee with milk kind of shade so if you like that kind of color, then you might like it.

Arm swatches of the four shades

As you can see, they are all light toned and very glossy (almost glass effect) on the lips. So if you are like me that don't like very striking or bright lip gloss or tints, then these shade would be perfect for you. I don't need to repurchase my Chill shade because they give the same effect on my lips but just gives a hint of tint.

My Verdict

I love these lip jellies and I highly recommend them! They are the most nourishing lip products out there because this brand is intended for dry-sensitive skin and they use the best and clean ingredients out there. My lips are so plumped and hydrated whenever I use them that's why I love wearing them for work because my lips are not dried out after work. They just stay so moist and nourished if I wear them even after long hours on my lips. I just hope they will be more accessible to all parts of the world because it is not easy to purchase them because you only have few websites to get them. I am excited to their future release because so far I am loving all the products I have tried from them.

To see them in action, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews 


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