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My 10 Step Korean Morning Skincare Routine

I have been following religiously my 10 Step Korean Skincare for Morning and Night Routine for around 5 years now. And there is no turning back since my skin has never been this good the moment I followed these steps and used Korean skincare products. Alot of people have been asking my skincare routine and since my last post about this was two years ago here, it's about time to post my updated routine and what products I have been using and loving as of late. 

I still standby with what I posted 2 years ago but I don't use most of the products I used that time. I mainly stick now with Kbeauty products, french pharmacy or japanese skincare products. I also choose now brands that are clean or they use nontoxic ingredients and they are mostly cruelty free as well. As much as possible with my makeup and especially skincare, I only buy products that have less harmful ingredients because skincare stays long on my face so I prefer the best ingredients for me because it would benefit me in the long run.

I won't talk so much about each product with this post or else it will be too long but I might review most of them individually in the future. I am more explaining here the steps, why and what are the products I use briefly explained.

Step 1: Cleansers - this is the first and an important step to remove any impurities and just to have a clean base for your skincare. 

I use this once a week (every wednesday) as a deep cleanse kind of cleanser for me. It reminds me of the Japanese product the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash. They are both powder products that you need to dissolve before applying on your face. This is to deep cleanse my pores and it is much stronger type of formula that's why I only use this once a week. But fortunately every after usage of this, my face feels so soft and light and not drying on my face that's why I love this powder as well.

I use this twice a week (every monday and friday) to exfoliate my face. This is a gentle type of exfoliator that's why I prefer this and I have been using this for years now. The normal face scrub with beads is really painful for me that's why I don't use it anymore since it is abrasive and not gentle on the face. When you use this while rubbing it all over your dry face, you will see tiny white particles that balls up and those are your dead skin cells peeling off which is very effective because every after use of this, my dry patches are gone and my skin improves.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal Ultra-Fresh Cleansing Gel
This is my daily cleanser so when the days I don't use the Powder Wash, I use this and also after the Cure Aqua Gel because I want the residue of the white particles be washed off with a cleanser. This is really gentle as well and hydrating. I don't feel that it dries out my skin after use which I love about it and it is well priced as well and you get a lot per bottle. I love it because it has a pump so it is easier to use while on the shower.

Step 2: Thermal Water - I have learned from a French dermatologist that Thermal Water helps to remove the calc residue from the water on your face. That's why I have been including this step with my skincare after washing my face because we have hard water here in Belgium and full of calc.

Avène Thermaal Water Spray This is my top pick for Thermal Water. I normally get them from French Pharmacy brands and this is by far the best out there. The mist is so fine and gentle that it is so soothing, refreshing and also gentle on the face. It can also be a sort of toner and also there are a lot of benefits from using thermal water as well. It can also be used for following surgical procedures, facial redness, sunburn, following make-up removal, following shaving, following exercise, following hair removal and while travelling as a refreshing spray. This was really handy while on vacation especially in warmer countries because this is the best pick me up kind of spray that instantly refreshes you.  

Step 3: Eye Cream - I forgot to include the eye cream with this group but I normally apply it first before toner because they said that is better. Because eye creams have light formulas so if you will apply it after all the oils and creams, it won't be absorbed good on your skin so there should not be any barrier for it to be absorbed on your skin.

MAY COOP Raw Eye Contour I have been loving this brand from Korea because they use 100% maple tree sap, Asian herbs and fruit extracts. This eye cream is formulated with 60% maple tree sap along with peptides, EGF, adenosine and the 7 white flower complex to effectively brighten, tighten and revitalize delicate areas around eyes prone to wrinkling and sagging. I love the formula because the consistency is just enough to hydrate my eyes. It's not too thick or thin. 
Step 4: Toner - hydrates and increases absorption of the following steps of your routine. This is basically to prepare your skin for the next steps so they will be absorbed better. 

Avène Gentle Toning Lotion I discovered this while I was in the Hongkong airport looking for possible skincare I could use in the Philippines because I didn't bring any and just wanted to get them in the airport. I'm glad that this was recommended to me by the saleslady there because this feels really hydrating and a bit thicker than usual runny/watery toners. This just tones my face good and absorbs quite fast on my skin as well.

Step 5: Essence - "considered as the heart of Korean skincare, essences are watery lotions full of beneficial ingredients."

Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence
I have been using this for almost a year now but I still have a lot of it. This seems to last forever. You get a lot per bottle and you just need 3 to 4 drops every time that's why it is good value for your money even if it is a bit expensive but it will last you a while. This has been hyped in youtube that's why I wanted to get it. This is really a thick formula kind of essence which I prefer because I have very dry skin and this helps to add hydration to my skin.

Step 6: Serum - delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin.

MAY COOP Raw Activator

Intensively nourishing serum is enriched with 80% maple tree sap to revitalize and deeply hydrate skin. Formulated with Ecocert-certified fructan powder, EGF and pathenol to effectively firm skin, while ceramide and mushroom complex strengthens the skin barrier. I love this serum because it is also very nourishing on the skin and feels so soothing after. 

Step 7: Ampoule - high concentration formula to address specific skin concern or needs. 

This is a clean beauty brand from Korea that's why I wanted to try their products and this did not disappoint. It is a lightweight and highly hydrating ampoule that leaves skin feeling soothed and silky- soft thanks to its gentle formula containing cica, floral extracts as well as propanediol and trehalose for long-lasting moisture. This is very gentle unlike other ampoules I have tried before that it is a bit irritating on the skin after application but with this, I didn't feel any reaction.

Step 8: Face Oil - deep nourishing oil extracted from nutrient rich plants, flowers and fruits.

Benton Let's Carrot Multi Oil I got this for free to try and I was surprised how much I love this oil. It is very light oil that is not greasy or heavy feeling on the face. Contains plant-based oil and carrots from Germany which reduce dead skin cells, prevent moisture loss and supply rich nutrients, energizing the skin. More than 99% of ingredients are derived from nature, providing deep skin nutrition and elasticity. This soothes my face and makes sure it does not dry out. Whenever I use this, the products that made my face a bit tacky and drying, this prevents that from happening. I great skin barrier for me.

Step 9: Moisturizer - enhances hydration by locking in moisture and tackling other skin concerns.

MAY COOP Raw Concentra Day Cream

Harnessing the power of 80% maple tree sap alongside extracts from antioxidant-rich red plants such as pomegranate, dates and Chinese magnolia, this day cream provides moisture and repairs damaged skin barriers. Especially suitable for dry skin. This is really a great hydrating and thick cream for me. I love this brand so much that I repurchased some of their products already and might stick to them for a while because they are one of the few clean beauty brands in Korea. 

Step 10: Lip balm - to moisturize your lips and to have a hydrated base if you apply lip products later on that day.

Uriage Xémose Moisturizing Lipstick I have been loyal with this product for years now and it is just the right formula for me because it does not affect my lipstick because it is just a matte formula and not those very shiny or slippery kind of lip balm. It is hydrating as well and no taste at all which is a plus point for me. 

So this is my current Morning Skincare Routine and the products I have been loving. I hope it was helpful for you especially to those who have been requesting for my skincare routine. They are the products that really worked for me and I will continue following these steps because it made so much difference on my skin state now. I have finally achieved the glow I have been wanting to have for so long and alot of people noticed that as well that my skin improved. I sleep late nowadays that's why my skin is not that good but if I sleep on time and eat healthier, I know my skin would be better. So we need also to take care of our health and it will show on our skin. Drink plenty of water, exercise and eat a well balanced diet then everything would be on the right track. It was not a short process for me to achieve my skin now, it took months and patience for me to be able to have a better skin. I noticed also that even if I only do facials once a year when I go back to the Philippines, they only get very few black or white heads because I think due to my skincare routine unlike before when I was younger, the tissue where they put what they get from my face was really full of dirt. I am happy that I was able to discover Korean skincare because my skin now has never been this good.

To know and to see how I apply them, please check the video below and subscribe to my channel for more reviews


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