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I'M MEME I'm Mystery Blur Tint Review

I happened to stumbled upon these beauties when I was looking for possible lip products to get for my review. They were on sale so it was perfect! And I noticed they stay on sale for a long time at yesstyle. I normally buy things that are on sale or wait when they go on sale especially the requested products on my channel. The packaging and the shades caught my attention that's why I got curious and wanted to get them. I did love the Memebox I'm Lip Crayon that I've tried from them. The formula was really good although that was a lip crayon and this is a lip tint but I knew I would like them as well because I saw good reviews about them.

The packaging is different from their old products. They are more trendy and colorful. They are very slim and compact which is great for me so they can fit well in my mini bags and would not take up so much space inside. They are very light plastic packaging with a matte (non-slip) kind of texture. I love the simplicity and yet very appealing look of them. You can notice them right away even from a far or if you are looking for them inside your bag because they are so vibrant.

I love that they revamped their branding. I'm not sure if this is their sister brand under the Memebox   company because the name is a bit different. They made this label hip and eye catching compared to their original black packaging. This is more youthful and playful. I saw they released a lot of lip products already under this brand before this and also blush, eye palettes and many more that I might try also in the future because they look like shades that I would love as well.

I love the wand of this and it is a unique kind because I never had a wand or applicator like this before. Instead of a just straight wand, this is slightly angled or tilted so during application it is easier for me to apply it because the angle is just perfect to coat the lips.

I got all the 5 shades available but I saw on their instagram account that they recently released new shades. They are still not available yet at yesstyle but I will surely get them once they stock them. 

That shades that I got are:
001 Mystery Apple
002 Mystery Jujube
003 Mystery Mandarin
004 Mystery Berry
005 Mystery Plum

You will get different varieties of shades from light pink to red but I noticed some will suite only for lighter skintones and the rest will suit for everyone. They said they are muted and cool toned MLBB series that were selected by color experts to show an intense and mysterious mood.

The formula is just really light and not that pigmented which the "blur" effect comes through. But I needed to dip a couple of times with some shades before I was satisfied with the coverage on my lips that's why if you like a more pigmented formula then this might not work for you because it's not a one and done swipe kind of formula. It smells okay and not overpowering of any sort. 

I'M MEME I'm Mystery Blur Tint 

I'M Mystery Blur Tint was carefully designed by a professional colorist in 5 ultra-pigmented matte MLBB colors. This lip tint delivers intense color in a comfortable, creamy, soft, velvet, and matte formula. The diamond-shaped cushion tip applicator provides precision application in one stroke.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Infused with Silicone Elastomer Complex give lips a soft, matte finish.

001 Mystery Apple: a marsala red that redefines the color and matches everything. This is a pretty shade of red that is not too bright nor too dark. It is a red tone that does not look too mature on me because I feel like when I wear red, I look much older but with this, it looks more youthful and playful almost. This reminds me of the Red Velvet shade from Mamonde Color Lip Balm Intense.

Retail Price: $20.90
You Save: $12.75

002 Mystery Jujube: intense jujube red that expresses the mood of fall etched in our memories. This is indeed a fall red shade. I only wear this kind of reds during colder months since that is the shade that suits with this weather. I thought I would love this shade basing on the packaging because I thought it would be a reddish brown kind of shade but it is almost like a blue toned kind of red but a bit darker which I normally avoid because it makes my lips look bigger. I just feel that red does not suit me. It was a struggle to make it look seamless as well because some parts were lifted when I was trying to blend and mix them so there will be bald spots so I needed to reapply again. But in general red is really not easy to apply and you can see your mistakes clearly with red as well. 

IM MEME - Im Mystery Blur Tint - 5 Colors #002 Mystery Jujube - $8.15

Retail Price: $20.90
You Save: $12.75

003 Mystery Mandarin: fantasy-like vintage orange that balances between the colors orange and brown. I do see that it is in between orange and brown but also reminds me of pumpkin shade. I normally don't go for orange shade not unless it is summer or spring time but this can be worn all year round. A beautiful take on an orange shade that is flattering and subdued.

IM MEME - Im Mystery Blur Tint - 5 Colors #003 Mystery Mandarin - $8.15

Retail Price: $20.90
You Save: $12.75

004 Mystery Berry: elegant muted pink like a dried rose. This is the lightest shade among them. It is a pretty light pink but I prefer mixing it with a darker shade or used it as a base for gradient lip effect because this is the perfect shade for that because it is a muted hue. This is the kind of shade that is perfect for light skintone as their MLBB shade.

IM MEME - Im Mystery Blur Tint - 5 Colors #004 Mystery Berry - $8.15

Retail Price: $20.90
You Save: $12.75

005 Mystery Plum: deep plum color with a mix of warmth and mystery. This is the shade I was so excited about because it looked so pretty on pictures but it was sold out for a long time so I needed to wait for it before I could order them. I thought it would be a dark plum shade basing on the pictures but instead it is a light plum in person that can be a MLBB shade for me. This is my most fave shade because I can use this with a lot of makeup looks I go for and it is just a nice everyday shade.

IM MEME - Im Mystery Blur Tint - 5 Colors #005 Mystery Plum - $8.15

Retail Price: $20.90
You Save: $12.75

I tried to make a gradient lip effect with the last shade but didn't work so I mixed Berry (base) and Plum (center) and it turned out okay but not too obvious kind of gradient effect. I think the red could be better but I wanted this tone that day. It was easy to make a gradient lip because the formula is moussey and blends quick. 

Arm swatches

They look intense when swatched but don't be scared because on the lips, they are like cotton light and gives you a beautiful blurred effect without you doing anything. I used to use my finger all the time to get that effect but with this, it just gives me that effect instantly. 

My Verdict
I love the formula and how soft and light they are on the lips. I am a blurred lip effect kind of person so this made my application really easy and fast since it does it for me already unlike before I still need to blend it out good before achieving the blurred effect that I like. Some colors were a bit a struggle like the red one and the lightest one but the rest were just enough pigmentation for me. They make my lips look smoother although if you have dry lips, it will accentuate the dry patches so you need to scrub your lips good before using them. They are matte which I love but not drying on the lips. You don't feel them on which what I want with lip products. They don't dry completely so they can transfer and you need to retouch them after eating like any other lip tints. 

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