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MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipstick Review

I have been wanting to review this Powder Kiss line from MAC since the day they released them but I waited a bit longer to get more. I started with 2 shades and I loved it so much that I knew I wanted to get more and eventually post a dedicated review about them. I normally wait until there is promotion with MAC here and they do offer it every now and then. Finally, I have all the shades I wanted to get from this line.

I only got 5 shades because these are the only shades I know I would like and would use. One is a bit a gamble for me because it is not the usual shade I go for but I wanted to try to see if I can actually wear it and would suit me because it looked beautiful on others. 

Mull it Over
Sultry Move
Stay Curious
Devoted to Chili
Burning Love

Matte, totally reinvented. Delivering a blur of soft-focus colour, this weightless moisture-matte lipstick was developed to replicate a backstage technique: blending out edges of matte lipstick for a hazy effect. Its groundbreaking formula contains moisture-coated powder pigments that condition and hydrate lips. The result is the zero-shine look of a matte lipstick with the cushiony, lightweight feel of a balm. Fall for this soft-touch, misty matte kiss of colour.
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The packaging of this line is a bit different from the original bullets. It is a matte kind of packaging which is handy so you know which formula you are grabbing. Although it would have been better if they make the packaging also same shade as the color inside like what they do with their holiday limited editions.
This is the comparison of the original bullet(left) with the powder kiss(right). The original one has a shiny type outer layer with tiny shimmers all over while the powder kiss is matte. I hope they did it with other line as well so we know the difference between the different formulas because as what I know they all have the same packaging except for this Powder Kiss line.

For the bullet comparison, the Powder Kiss (right) has a special texture. I can't say exactly which kind but you would see right away that it would be matte and soft kind of formula. While, the other formulas like Matte, Satin and Amplified, they just look like any other lipstick bullets.

This is the close up shots of the Powder Kiss bullet. As you can see it is a softer looking bullet and it looks really pretty in person because of the special texture they made with it.

Mull it Over: dirty peach - This is really a pretty light peach shade that is great as a base for gradient lip effect and also a beautiful spring-summer shade.

Sultry Move: bright rose brown - I can consider this as a MLBB shade for me. A very pretty pink brown shade that I love to wear most days. I knew I would love this shade basing on the pictures and swatches I saw and I'm glad I have it already.

Stay Curious: muted pinky red - I wanted to get this because I don't have anything like this is my collection and it seems like a shade that would suit me and I would love. It is indeed a pink shade with a hint of red that brightens up my face.

Devoted to Chili: warm brick red - this is one of the popular shade that's why I want to have it. I don't particularly love the Chili matte version because it is a bit too orange red for me but with this, because of the blurry effect that it gives and it is not too intense looking on my lips. I kinda like this but not my go to or fave shade to wear. 

This is the comparison with the Chili Matte version with the Devoted to Chili. The Chili is much more opaque and more on the orange side while the Devoted to Chili is more on the muted red side.

Burning Love: deepened red wine - This shade is outside my comfort zone. I wanted to try this because I never tried this kind of shade and it looked so pretty on others. On me, I don't really like it and I think this looks great with very pale or light and darker skintones. I don't think I would keep this because I don't think I will ever use this again.

To achieve gradient lip effect I usually combine Mull it Over (base) and Devoted to Chili (center part only) and I love the result. It works well with this two because Mull it Over is a light shade and normally red shades or darker red shades are used for the center part like the Devoted to Chili. With this kind of effect, I feel like I look younger and my make up just looks so soft and pretty.

Swatches of all the 5 shades
My Verdict
I love this line so much especially the shade Sultry Move. It really gives me the blur effect that I normally prefer with my lipstick nowadays. In most lip products I own, I need to blend them out using my finger to achieve the blurry look but with this, it does it for me with just a few swipes. It is cushiony and light weight on the lips plus it is a soft matte kind of formula which I normally go for. Someone told me that they released newer shades and I can't wait to get them when they are available here. I saw they made Powder Kiss versions of the popular shades from the other line which I am so excited about.

To see how I apply them and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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