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E.L.F. SRSLY Satin Lipsticks Review


I haven't tried so much from elf makeup since I noticed before because I did have an eyeshadow palette from them 11 yrs ago and it was not really something that I was wowed and the quality was not that great so I stopped buying from them since then. But when their primer blew up, I got interested again in trying their products. I also did love their brushes because it lasted me long and I did enjoy using them. And then they released their primer infused blush that became popular as well so I also bought it and did love the formula and I still use it every now and then.

Then came this lipstick line from them. I have seen them in instagram so I was curious because it is something I might like. And I review alot of lipsticks so I decided why not try their lip products because I haven't reviewed any of their lip products yet.

This packaging reminds me a bit of the limited edition packaging of the Sunnies Face but their version was frosted. I like that you see directly which shade it is and I just like the simplicity and the over all look of the packaging. It is plastic and very light. The size is also good because it is not bulky and it feels on the cheap side but I don't really mind because these are very affordable prices. 

I only chose 5 shades because I know that these are the only shades I would like and would suit me. They have 10 available shades of this line, ranging from light to dark shades and also bright shades. E.L.F. is also cruelty and vegan that's why a lot of people love this brand.

E.L.F. SRSLY Satin Lipstick
3.5g €4

This silky-smooth satin lipstick will hug the curves of your lips and provide the intense color payoff you need to rock any look. 

Why we love:

  • One-swipe pigmentation
  • Silky, smooth satin feel
  • 10 rich colors
  • Unbelievable value

Nectar: This is the lightest shade among this 5. I was so excited to get this because this is the kinda shade I love. It's like a dark peachy shade that is a shade that you can use whole year round. I notice peachy shades compliment my skintone that's why I do love to buy them.

Taffy: This is a bright pink shade that reminds me of the flower Bougainvillea. This is the exact color of the said flower that I grew up seeing everywhere in my neighborhood. This is the kind of pink I don't like because everyone notices it. I didn't think it would be this bright in person because in pictures I thought it would be just a light pink. I think this would suit better with darker skintones. But with me, I find it too in your face kind of shade and attention getter. I prefer my lipsticks to be nude or subdued.

Pepper: This is a bright red orange kind of shade which makes my lips look much bigger which I try to avoid since they are already big. I thought it would be a brick orange kind of color but this leans more on the red side than orange. This is too much for me as well so I don't think I will ever use this again. But if you want your lips to look fuller, then I recommend this shade.

Cider: This is a pretty almost a tobacco shade. A great every shade for me that is not too brown which I normally don't like brown shades anymore. It has a hint of orange that's why I like it on me. This can be a perfect everyday shade that will match a lot of makeup looks.

Cocoa: Lastly, the darkest that I got which is a dark brown kind of shade. This would be a perfect nude shade for darker skintones I think. I normally don't like this kind of shades anymore because I am done with the 90s brown kind of tones but this seems to be okay and I might still use this every now and then, depends on my mood. It's not too dark kind of brown, you can still see a bit of red tone to it, that's why it is still a pretty rich brown shade.

My Verdict
I am really surprised, how opaque and smooth these lipsticks are. They remind me a bit of the Satin lipsticks from MAC but they are much more thinner than the MAC ones. They glide so smoothly and most of them, one swipe is enough. They are hydrating and light on the lips. They don't feel like a cheap formula and they last good on the lips although they are not transfer proof but they don't fade on the lips even if I've worn them after few hours. If you eat and drink light, you don't need to reapply alot. I noticed they left a stain on my hand when I removed them with a micellar water so that proves that they last long on your lips. They are so affordable like all the products from e.l.f and they really stepped up with their new releases because everything I have tried so far from them are really good and highend quality. I hope they would release more products as good as this and I will surely try more from them in the future.

You can buy them here

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