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Romand Zero Velvet Tint 2020 F/W Series Review


Romand has got to be one the most requested makeup brands on my channel for review and so far all the products I've tried from them are really good and of good quality. When I saw this new series from them, I got really excited because I have never tried their Zero Velvet Tints before and these shades are really right up my alley. These are more Fall/Winter shades and they released only 4 shades for this line. I was not able to get the darkest or the last shade since it was soldout for weeks from the moment it was available in yesstyle. When I finally decided to order them, the last shade was still not available and I didn't want to wait for it anymore.

I love the packaging of this line since it is see through with frosted effect. It is plastic so they are very light although not that compact because they are a bit bulky but will not take so much space on your bag so if you are a mini bag lover like me, then it should be fine. I love the details and how vibrant they look so it is easier to find inside the bag. They don't look boring or dull which is something you don't want with your beauty products. You got a lot of products as well (5.5g) so you will get a lot of use of them. A great value for your money.

Left: Romand Juicy Lasting Tint - Center: Romand Zero Velvet Tint - Right: Romand Glasting Water Tint

If I compare it with the other Romand lip products that I have, it is almost similar height with the Juicy Lasting Tint but a slight shorter. They have all the vibrant packaging which is really trendy now and very appealing to younger generations.

For the wands/applicator, this has more slant to it, shorter and a bit wider and thinner compared to the other two. Formulas are different. This is more matte and like a whipped cream kind of consistency. The other two are more watery or glossy on the lips.

Romand Zero Velvet Tint 2020 F/W Series

Shades: 18 Petal Tassel 19 Earl Gray Shawl 20 Berry Knit


  • A matte lip tint with soft airy texture that gives your lips a warm feeling of knit.

  • Its mousse-like texture adheres smoothly and comfortably to the lips all day long.

  • Creates a blurry, dreamy lip look with velvety finish.

  • Available in 4 muted colors, these highly pigmented colors stay on all day long.
  • 18 Petal Tassel: This is like a fuchsia pink for me. I don't think this kind of pink compliments my skintone and would best suit with porcelain to lighter skintone than mine. This is too cool toned pink for me that's why I don't think it suits me. This is really sheer with only one layer, so if you want good coverage, you need at least two layers of it.

    19 Earl Gray Shawl: This is like a Marsala red shade for me. This is more my kind of shade because I feel like it looks better on my skintone and just very complimenting on me. Perfect shade for whole year round or any season. The application of this was much quicker because it was more opaque than the first shade and I don't need a lot of layers of it. Even one layer is enough. This would be great for gradient lip effect as well because it just blends so easily.

    20 Berry Knit: I was so surprised how opaque this was and I needed to blend it well with my finger and it was a bit messy compared to the others and more work to blend out. This is just a darker shade of the shade 19. This really brightens up my face and looks really pretty. I feel this kind of shade will make your teeth looks so white as well.

    My Verdict
    I do love them especially the shades 19 & 20. They are light, moussey kind of formula which is great because you can blend them nicely without fearing that it will drop on your clothes by accident because it is not a runny formula. They are a bit drying and will emphasize your dry patches on your lips so you need to scrub good before using them. If you love the blurred effect lip formula, then you will certainly like this. This is good for that kind of lip look and also for gradient look. They smell okay and not that overpowering. They don't dry completely so they are not transfer proof although it lasted on me pretty good when I just ate a muesli bar and drank water. It didn't fade much but while drinking hot beverage, it did fade significantly. So if you only eat a light meal, it should be okay. Not the best formula I have tried but it is still a formula that I prefer because I love velvety tints. They feel light on the lips but quite drying so just make sure you use a lip balm underneath and prep your lips good before using them.

    To see how I apply them and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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