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Kosas The Big Clean Mascara Review

Since I have been loving Clean Beauty recently, I decided to try a mascara as well. So if ever I will find something I would love, it would be great since I prefer as much as possible using Clean beauty brands. And then one day this mascara came and caught my attention. The advertising and the photos they were posting seemed something I might possibly like. So when there was a chance I could get it with a few discount, I went for it.

Kosas is one of my favorite Clean beauty brands, and there is nothing I have tried from them that disappointed me. Everything from their Tinted Face Oil, Revealer Concealer, The Sun Show Bronzer & Cream Blush have been my go to everyday makeup products and one of the best finds of mine for 2020. That's why I had so much high hopes for this mascara and expected nothing but greatness.

Pump up the volume—achieve fuller, fluffy lashes with this inky-black mascara. Featuring an oversized, rainbow-shaped brush, flexible-yet-firm bristles, and a bevy of nourishing hair care actives including castor oil, pro-vitamin B5, and biotinoyl tripeptide, this mascara is all you need for maximum growth potential and major impact.

When I first unboxed it, I was pleasantly surprised how heavy the packaging of this. It is not your typical plastic packaging. It feels metal and I love the hip design of it. The gradient effect looks so modern and fun. So I was so excited to use it and when I finally opened the tube I was shocked with how much product build up in the wand was. I have never experienced anything like it before because even new, my other mascara did not look like this.

Basing on the pics above, this is how it looks everytime I use it. It is impossible to use it without removing the excessive amount of product that is on the wand. This really annoyed me because I need to remove a lot of products first before I can use it. The wand is huge as well so it is not that easy to apply it when it is covered with so much products as well. And this is not waterproof and I learned my lesson very hard because I worn it to work, and it smudged so it was so embarrassing because no one told me that it was like that and I was walking all over the store. I will never use this anymore outside. I won't risk happening that kind of scenario again. I never had that kind of accident with my other mascaras. 

This is how my natural lashes look like without being curled and no mascara

So as you see on the pics above, my lashes are naturally thin, short and straight. So it is a challenge to find a mascara that would lengthen, hold the curls and will give volume. I did find a mascara that gave me that which is the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara and was hoping I could find something like it with a Clean beauty brand. That's why I went for this Kosas mascara because it might give me that basing on the pics they released and the reviews.

Right: My lashes when curled with eyelash curler vs Left: not curled

As you see, it really makes a difference when I curled my lashes. My eye looks more awake. And when it is curled, the normal waterproof mascara I owned before, it will hold the curls pretty well until the end of the day.

After first coat

As you can see, it did gave volume and a bit lengthening on my lashes but it is too clumpy and sticky formula for my liking. I needed to remove the excess using a brush for lashes so they won't look to clumpy. I need to remove a lot of excess products from the wand as well before applying or else I can't coat good my lashes because there are too many products on the wand.

After 2nd coat

As you can see it looks almost like a spider leg effect which I don't like with mascaras. It looks so clumpy and the hairs are so apart from each other. My lashes were starting to go down because it is a thicker formula so it is weighing down my lashes. After a few minutes on, I saw my lashes were completely straight so it was very disappointing.

My Verdict
Unfortunately, I regret buying this mascara and won't recommend to anyone especially asian people that has thin and short lashes like me. Maybe if you have long and thick lashes this might work, but with me it does not. The formula is not good for me since it does not hold my curls and my lashes do not look refined with this. It is messy, too much work and a struggle to apply and use. The wand is too big and the formula is too wet and sticky. I'm so sad that it turned out like this since I love Kosas as a brand. Maybe if they will release a waterproof one, I might try it but after this one, I know I won't try anything that is not waterproof anymore. I will still try some mascaras from other clean beauty brands in the future. I hope I can find something that would work well for me. If you have any suggestions, please do let me know so I can try it myself.

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