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MAC Powder Kiss Nude Liquid Lip Trio Review

The Powder Kiss line from MAC has been one of my favorite makeup new launches in the recent years. I didn't get them right away since they are expensive and I just opted to wait until they go on promotion here. I first got the MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipsticks and loved it so much that I decided to get the liquid version as well. I'm not into liquid lipstick and they are not my fave formula, but this really intrigued me more when I tried the bullet form because the formula is really unique and very comfortable on the lips.

The packaging is simple yet professional looking and sleek. I love that it is frosted glass effect so you can see which shade is inside so it is easier to choose. All their bullet lipsticks are in a black packaging which you need to look the bottom part or open it before you know what is inside which is a bit a hassle when you are in a hurry. The cap of this is the same with their normal lipsticks and I just love the overall look of them.

The wand of this is really unique and I never had a wand or applicator with all the lipsticks that I have tried that looks like this. Due to the whipped, mousse like texture of this line, it make sense that the applicator is like this to get and grab better the product. It is a thicker formula and can be spread good with this applicator but I still prefer the normal and longer wand because I am used to it and it coats my lips faster and easier.

I only chose 3 shades since this is the shades I know I would love and use. They are nude shades which is what I normally prefer for daily makeup looks so I will get a lot of use of them. And luckily I saw a set of them being sold at lookfantastic which I was really happy about since these 3 are the shades that I was intending to buy anyway. I saved a bit from buying them as a set plus there was also a discount during the time I ordered them.

MAC Powder Kiss Nude Liquid Lip Trio 

An extension of the best-selling Powder Kiss line, this nude lipstick trio by MAC adds a weightless pop of pigment to your pout. The liquid lipstick dries down to a matte finish, allowing you to create a blurred lip effect with minimal effort.

Unleashing smooth, even coverage that applies like a dream, the unique formula boasts a whipped, mousse-like texture for truly comfortable wear. An innovative blend of powders and emollients equips your lips with up to 10 hours of moisture, ensuring a soft and cushiony finish.

The Powder Kiss liquid lip colour features an hourglass-shaped applicator, adhering to the natural curve of the lips as it fills the look of fine lines.

Shades Include: 

  • Mull It Over
  • Date-Maker
  • Over the Taupe


Date-Maker (Warm Nude): This is the lightest shade and a great nude shade for me. At first, I was scared that it would be too light and will look like a concealer shade on me but it turned out a beautiful nude shade that suits my skintone pretty well.

Mull It Over (Dirty Peach): I got the bullet version of this and loved it so much that I wanted to try it also with the liquid lipstick version. This is a pretty peach shade that is a great base for gradient lip effect and also perfect shade for warmer or better weather days. This kind of peach really suits my skintone that's why I normally buy them when I review lipstick products.

Over the Taupe (Midtone Dirty Nude): This is also a pretty nude shade for me. Not too brown because I don't like the 90s brown anymore. This is like a pink brown kind of shade which I normally prefer.

As you see with the swatches, they are very opaque although they are lighter formula but one swipe, is definitely more than enough. It does give you that blurred effect which I normally go for but I need to use my finger to blend it better because the wand is not that great in distributing the product the way I want it because of its ball shape, it is not that easy and fast to apply them. They smell alright, not too overpowering but you smell something sweet but pleasant for me. Unlike their bullet lipsticks that really smell strong and artificial.

I tried to compare them also with the bullet form because some shades are the liquid version of their other shades from other formulas. With the Mull It Over Lipstick is a tad darker than the liquid version.

With the Over the Taupe, the Taupe Matte lipstick version is also darker and much heavier formula compared to the liquid version.

My Verdict

I love this line from them, although I am not a liquid lipstick fan but this formula is just special and not drying on the lips. Almost cushiony and airy on the lips. They are made in Korea that's why they feel like the lip tints I love from Kbeauty brands but a bit thicker. They almost feel like a lip balm on the lips, that's how comfortable they are. They offer a lot of shades that you can choose from. Ranging from nude to dark shades. I would surely try more shades from them, if they release something that will caught my attention. I do want to get the Marrakesh-mere shade that is recently released because that would be the liquid version of my most favorite MAC shade which is the Marrakesh Matte Lipstick. They are longlasting although they are not budge proof but like all the MAC lipsticks, they won't fade and would last good even after eating light meals. I love the Powder Kiss line and would definitely review more of them. They are my ideal formula because they are matte yet velvety and very light on the lips. They give me the blurred lip effect which I prefer nowadays.

To see this in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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