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Romand Zero Matte Lipstick Nude Collection Review

This collection was especially requested for me to make a review about. As much as I can and if budget permits, I try my best to make it possible for my subscribers. It offers 5 shades but when the time I was able to get them, two of the shades were still out of stock so I just decided to get these three without the other two since I can't wait for them anymore because I needed to send my box to the Philippines already. I ordered my Mama's skincare with them that's why I just decided not to wait for the other two to become available any longer or else my box will be not sent on time. The two soldout shades are really pretty shades, that's why I think they are always soldout.

The shades that I'm able to share to all of you are almost pastel shades and might not work to everyone because they are really light even on me. They are more Spring-Summer shades and just very vibrant shades. They also have other line that are released earlier than this collection. They seem more wearable for me and might try them someday. I noticed most of their lip products are really hit and a lot of people are interested with their brand in general.

I love the packaging and overall design of this collection. I love the frosted effect on the packaging and the nude color details of it. It's very current and trendy. I love how it feels and how light it is when used. The lettering of the brand on the packaging corresponds the shade inside which is a cute touch. I just love how simple and girly they made this collection look. I also love the details of the bullet inside with their & sign engraved on it. I also love that the bullet is in a flat round shape so it is just like applying a lip balm.

Romand Zero Matte Lipstick Nude Collection 
Shades: 06 Awesome 09 Shell Nude 10 Pink Sand

  • romand's best-selling matte lipstick with new transparent design.

  • Available in 20 colors, which are divided into four categories: Nude, Red, Mood, and Live.

  • Its soft, lightweight texture smoothly glides on the lips with high adherence, leaving long-lasting sleek express without any flake.
  • 06 Awesome: is a bright coral or even almost like a neon coral for me. This is too patchy for me and didn't cover my lips evenly. This does not work for me at all and it even emphasized my dry patches more. You need to prep and scrub your lips really good when using this or else it won't look presentable on the lips. If you like bright shades then you might like it but I would never dare to wear this so I won't keep this. 

    09 Shell Nude: this is a pastel peach kind of shade which does not look good or suit me at all. This would only work I think to porcelain or very light skintone as their nude shade but with me, I look unwell. This is also very patchy and you will notice right away if you have dry lips because it will not smoothen nor hydrate your lips.

    10 Pink Sand: This is the only shade that I liked, formula and color wise. This is much more opaque compared to the other two and was not patchy. This is like a subdued pink which I prefer. It looks very delicate and feminine. Just the right shade of pink that fits my personality and taste.

    My Verdict

    The two shades didn't workout for me and the formula is not that great. Only the last shade I will keep which is sad that's why I can't say that you go out and buy them. The formula is also patchy but because they are more on the pastel side, so maybe it's harder to make the consistency or formula perfect because they are very light shades. They cling to dry patches which I really don't like because it does not look pretty when you have it on. I might try their other popular shades from the other line or version of this. But this kind of nudes will only work for very light or porcelain skins. So if we have the same skintone or darker and you want good coverage with your lipstick, then I don't recommend them at all. 

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