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MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick 2021 New Shades Review

A subscriber of mine brought to my attention these 2021 new shades of MAC's Power Kiss Lipstick. I immediately googled it right after she mentioned it to me. I picked and chose which shades I could potentially like. I didn't try right away the Powder Kiss Lipstick line of them when it launched 2 years ago. Now I regret it since this is my most favorite formula for lipstick to date. If I only knew it would be this great, I should've tried them much more earlier. They first released them in Asia if I am not mistaken since it took a while before it was available here. Good thing when it was finally available, there was also a promotion on the website where I ordered them that's why I'm able to get them sooner. I also did a review of the 5 original shades, if you want to check it out it click here.

I only got 3 shades but they released 8 shades in total. Ranging from nude to dark brown. I know basing from the pictures and some reviews, I saw that I would most probably only love these shades. They are the only ones that would suit me best compared to the other shades. These shades are their take on their cult favorite shades from other lipstick formulas and a lip liner.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick
Matte, totally reinvented. Delivering a blur of soft-focus colour, this weightless moisture-matte lipstick was developed to replicate a backstage technique: blending out edges of matte lipstick for a hazy effect. Its groundbreaking formula contains moisture-coated powder pigments that condition and hydrate lips. The result is the zero-shine look of a matte lipstick with the cushiony, lightweight feel of a balm. Fall for this soft-touch, misty matte kiss of colour.
Brickthrough (warm dusty rose): this is a perfect MLBB shade. I'm quite certain this is their Powder Kiss version of the Brick-o-la Amplified lipstick which I did love and one of the first shades I got from MAC. This is just the subtle or subdued version of that shade.

Kinda Soar-ta (mid-tone cool mauve): The Soar lip liner from them is a cult favorite that's why I was curious to try this because I feel like this is also the Powder Kiss version of that lip liner. It looks pink in pictures but on person is a dark lilac shade which I personally don't like on me. Cool toned lipsticks don't really suit me. I thought this would be a dark mauve but it is more lilac that's why I am not really loving this shade.

Marrakesh-mere (intense orange brown): I was so excited when I saw they made this shade because the Marrakesh matte lipstick from them is my go to fall-winter shade and one of my top pick lipstick shade from my MAC lipstick collection. 

The Marrakesh-mere is just the lighter version of the matte one. The Marrakesh is just brighter, thicker and more opaque compared to the Marrakesh-mere. 

My Verdict
I love these new shades! I can't buy them all because I can't afford it that's why I only chose three. I know these are the only shades that I would love but I hope it was still helpful if you are eyeing on them as well and can't decide yet. There was a Velvet Teddy counterpart which is the Teddy shade but I didn't like the Velvet Teddy that's why I opted not to get it anymore because I know I will not use it. The Powder Kiss Lipstick line from MAC is by far my favorite highend lipstick formula. The soft matte/blur effect reminds me of the Kbeauty lip tints that I've tried. They are also made in Korea so I guess they are inspired with the lip tints there. They are so comfortable on the lips and light that's why I prefer them over the other available formulas they offer. I will surely try more if they will release shades that will catch my attention once again.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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