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MAC Marrakesh Shades Comparison (Matte, Powder Kiss Lipstick & Lipcolour) Review


If you have been a follower of mine for a long time now, you would know that Marrakesh is one my most favorite lipstick shades from MAC. When they recently released Powder Kiss lipstick and lipcolour of this shade, I immediately ordered them when there was a promotion. I wanted to compare the shade among the different formulas they offer. Surprisingly they don't actually look the same which you will see later on. This is an intense orange brown shade and I noticed that it really compliments my skintone that's why I fell in love with this shade when I finally had it. It became my yearly go to Autumn-Winter lipstick shade. It just suits well with Autumn season when everything is brown and also the pumpkin time. The perfect shade for this time of the year.

They offered first this shade with their Matte formula (a creamy rich lipstick formula with high colour payoff in a no-shine matte finish). Then this year, they released it with Powder Kiss Lipstick (a weightless moisture-matte lipstick that delivers a blur of soft-focus colour)  and Powder Kiss Lipcolour (a liquid lipcolour with a whipped, mousse-like texture that delivers soft-focus moisture-matte, comfortable colour with ten hours of hydration).
Marrakesh (Matte): This was first a limited edition from MAC and they made it permanent which made me happy because the moment I applied it, I fell in love right away with this shade. This suits me better than a red shade. The formula of this is thicker and much more opaque compared to the other two.

Marrakesh-mere (Powder Kiss Lipstick): This line is my most favorite formula among the MAC lipstick line. It is just so light on the lips and this shade is just a tad darker than the matte lipstick. It looks deeper toned compared to the other two formulas. So if you prefer a bit darker orange brown tone(leaning more red) shade, then you will love this. I feel also that my lips look bigger with this shade because it pulls more red than the other two.

Marrakesh-mere (Powder Kiss Lipcolour): I didn't expect so much that I would love this formula because normally I don't like liquid lipstick formulas but surprisingly I prefer this than the other two. I think because this is much lighter and softer than the two. Actually this reminds me of the usual Kbeauty lip tints that I normally review and since they are also made in Korea so I guess they try to emulate the popular lip tint formulas there. It is like a whipped cream that is blurring and also smoothing on the lips that's why I love this.

I'm really glad that they expanded this shade with other formulas they offer. I hope they will release more because this is becoming one of the cult favorite shade of MAC and I know a lot of people will support and love it. As you see above, these three shades do not look exactly the same but they are in the same color family. The Matte is much more pigmented while the other two are not that intense although the PK lipstick looks darker on the lips. It really depends which shade you prefer and formula.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


  1. thanks for sharing this. it's very helpful to see the comparison of three formulas. I wonder how long lasting is the Marrakesh-mere (Powder Kiss Lipcolour) compared to the matt formula? does the liquid formula easily wear off after eating and drinking?

    1. Hi, they have almost the same longevity and with regards to eating and drinking they stay pretty well if you just eat light meals. After drinking something like water or juice it won't wear off easily but with coffee or warm drinks, you need to retouch for sure.

  2. Thank you for the review, this color looks stunning on you 😍

    1. Hi, my pleasure!😊 Thank you also for leaving a sweet comment 💖


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