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Dior Forever Natural Bronze (04 Tan Bronze) Review

I have not been so excited for any makeup release for awhile now until I saw a picture of this on instagram. I tried Dior makeup products before but only their mascara, nail polish and powder. So far I did love what I have tried from them but nothing really wowed me that I wanted to splurge more from them. Many makeup releases from them have passed throughout the years but nothing really captured my attention until this week when I stumbled while scrolling on instagram a picture of this. I was intrigued right away since it looks so pretty and promising. But it was hard to find any post or review about it because I noticed it is only available at Douglas NL which was strange because even the Dior website does not have it yet. I was hesitant ordering it because in Douglas they only sell shades 1,4,5,6 & 8. They skipped shades 2,3 & 7 which I don't understand why would they do that? While searching for my possible shade, I thought shade 3 would suit me best because it says it is for light to medium skintone which I belong to normally but they don't have it. I just gambled and got shade 4 because it looked like it can work, although I was afraid it would be too dark and I can't confirm it yet since no one was reviewing about it and all I can find are the pictures provided from the brand which is highly edited. I just went for it and hoped for the best. It is also on promotion now so I did save a bit which is great!

The packaging is so beautiful and I must admit that this is the main reason I got it. I am just glad that there is more to it than meets the eye. I am not sure if this is a real leather they used with the packaging but it reminds me of their iconic bags. The stitching and design is similar to their bags. It is so plush, soft and just luxe. I thought it would be bulky but it is not which I am very pleased about. It is really a compact product that looks so elegant with their logo on the center with a silver metal design. Every detail of this is immaculate even the metal rim inside just adds a nice touch to it. I love the Nude/Natural concept of this which is what I love nowadays.

Dior Forever Natural Bronze
Shade: 04 Tan Bronze (for medium skintones) 9g
€51,77 but on promotion now for €38,83

a weightless moisture-matte lipstick that delivers a blur of soft-focus colour

Dior Forever Natural Bronze powder bronzer recreates in a single step the sun's caress on the skin for a complexion that is radiant with vitality. 

Soft and lightweight, the bronzer texture blends seamlessly with the skin for a natural, long-wear result. Infused with wild pansy flower, Dior Forever Natural Bronze preserves the skin's natural hydration for sensational comfort throughout the day.


As if beautified by the sun's caress, the complexion is subtly bronzed, revealing a sun-kissed, healthy glow effect. It remains perfect and comfortable throughout the day.


This next-generation* powder delivers sensational softness and comfort. Thanks to its formula enriched with 95% mineral-origin pigments, it blends seamlessly with the skin to create an amazingly natural healthy glow. Infused with wild pansy extract, it is comfortable and preserves the skin's natural hydration.

Powder dermatologically tested.


This powder comes in a range of 8 warm and neutral shades to allow all women, regardless of skin tone, to achieve a sun-kissed healthy glow effect.

Applied on more targeted areas to contour under the cheekbones, the powder is ideal for sculpting the face.


“Neither desert nor beach, between two worlds,” summarizes Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. “The blue sky on the horizon, the beating sun and the waves of sand inspired the bright textures and palette of shades steeped in a natural sensuality.”

Applications Tips

Apply in the shape of the number 3, from the temples to the cheekbones and finishing along the jawline for a stunningly natural sun-kissed healthy glow effect. For a sculpting effect, focus on the area beneath the jaw to create contours.

When swatched, it feels so buttery and smooth. It is not so pigmented that's why I needed to reapply it a couple of times so it can be visible on pictures. As you noticed, it is a cool toned kind of bronzer which is perfect for contouring since I use bronzers for that purpose anyway. I am just glad that it didn't turn out dark in person.

This is how it looks on me when I finished my makeup. I am using also their new foundation which is the Dior Forever Natural Nude Foundation (2N). I needed to layer the bronzer for a couple of times because it is not that pigmented. It almost feels like a Satin formula but matte at the same time. I love this kind of formula because I'm not concerned that I will over apply it. And the shade is just perfect to contour my face. I don't have any cool toned bronzer so this is really a great addition to my collection that I know I would use and works perfectly on my skin.

I also compared it to the other bronzers that I have just to see the difference. Cover FX Monochromatic Bronzer Duo (Sunkissed Bronze) is my darkest bronzer and compared to the Dior one, this is much more darker. This does not work for me as a bronzer because it is too dark so I just use it as an eyeshadow. I even thought this Dior bronzer would be as dark as this so I immediately compared them side by side when I got it and I am so relieved that it is not the case. Clinique Powder Pop Flower Bronzer (Solar Pop) is more on the red toned kind of shade compared to this. While, Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer (Light) is more a golden illuminating kind of bronzer. And lastly, Ilia NightLite Bronzing Powder (Drawn In) is more a light warm kind of bronzer. I am glad that all my bronzers do not look the same and give a different effect or result on me.

My Verdict
I love it! One of the best products I have tried so far. I love that it looks so natural on me and the ingredients are better for my dry skin. It has a lovely but faint scent to it that is more on the floral side. The formula is impeccable aside from the beautiful packaging, it does deliver what a great bronzer should be. I love that is cool toned which is great for contouring and it blends seamlessly on my skin. It is longlasting as well and did not fade on me even after few hours of use. I highly recommend it and I hope they would make this permanent and would release more from this line. I will surely want to try more.

To see it in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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