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Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil (012 Rosewood) Review

Due to wearing of mask for more than a year now, I noticed I don't reach for my lipsticks as often anymore. I don't like wearing them under the mask because they transfer and when I removed my mask, my lipstick is everywhere. I normally just use lip balm or lip jelly from Tower 28 because they are more hydrating and comfortable under mask and very low maintenance. They don't smudge everywhere and my lips feel hydrated all throughout the time I'm wearing the mask. And because of this I started looking for any lip oil or tinted lip balm and this was one of the products I discovered. Dior lip oils have been around for years now and it all started with their Lip Glow Balm and eventually they made a lip oil version of it.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil (Rosewood) 6ml
$35/€37,50 (more or less depends where you buy them)


The Dior Addict Lip Glow lip balm is available as a glossy lip oil that deeply protects and enhances the lips, lastingly bringing out their natural color.

Genuine lip care infused with cherry oil, Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil instantly nourishes, protects, softens and revitalizes the lips.

This lip oil teams an intense lip care formula with a natural, flattering color finish for an ultra-luminous result. Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil adapts to all lip colors to bring out their rosy glow. Its non-greasy, non-sticky oil texture pushes the boundaries of shine and creates a smoothing film that shapes the lips with an almost magnifying, mirror-shine effect.

Multipurpose lip makeup, Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil can be worn on its own, as a lip primer under lipstick, or as a top coat for volumizing shine.


Thanks to its color reviver technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil reacts directly with lips' moisture level to reveal a custom color.

Its formula saturates the lips with nutrients, and revitalizes them immediately and day after day. Lips are more beautiful, even bare, after 5 days of application.*

* Clinical test on 32 women.


Its non-sticky, non-greasy oil texture combines the mirror shine of a lip gloss with the comfort of an intense lip care. Enriched with cherry oil, its pampering formula creates a protective film against stress factors like drying.


A range of shades that match the Dior Addict Lip Glow lip balm shades to intensify the mirror-shine effect of the lips. 


"The combination of a lip care formula, a range of desirable, flattering shades and a mirror-shine, shape-enhancing texture, Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil creates radiant and irresistibly sensuous lips," Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup.


1. Can be worn on its own for a glossy, mirror-shine effect.

2. Can be worn as a lip primer by removing excess product before applying lipstick, for smoothed and hydrated lips.

3. Can be worn over the corresponding shade of Dior Addict Lip Glow to play with the color and shine.


A generous, pampering applicator that leaves a veil of smooth shine on the lips, delivering the ultra-comfortable, moisturizing formula in a single sweep.

I love every details of this lip product. Just so luxe and the attention to details is impeccable. I love that it is compact as well. I love the simple yet impactful logo they engraved on the top. It is a see through kind of packaging which I love since you can see right away which shade it is. It is very light as well which is great when you bring it on a tiny or mini bag because it won't take so much space.

I chose this shade since I know this would match my skintone and my looks more. I can't buy everything because they are expensive that's why I made sure I will get the shade that I know I would use a lot and would match me well. 

As you noticed, this just gives a hint of color on my lips and gives a beautiful glossy effect. This is the perfect MLBB shade and also gives a beautiful shine on your lips. This shade make my lips much more hydrated and plump which I really love about it. The formula of this is that it will adapt to your lips and will give you a rosy glow which I totally agree.

These are the lip products I compared to with this shade if anyone are looking for an alternative. The closest shade for me is the Romand Glasting Water Tint (Vintage Ocean). This is just more opaque and almost as light formulas as the Dior one. The closest formula for me is Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly (Cashew). They have same feel on the lips but the Tower 28 one is just a bit thicker but both feel like a lip oil on the lips. They have almost the same feeling and effect on the lips. They keep them hydrated and smooth. The rest are also like light lip tints kind of formula but the color is just not the same or like the Wet N' Wild is just thicker and much pigmented.

My Verdict

One of the best lip products I have tried so far. Even though it is a lip oil, it is not sticky or slippery on the lips. It has a minty taste to it but it is not overpowering or overwhelming on the lips compared to some of the lip plumping  products that I have tried when I was younger that were tacky and not comfortable on the lips. This smells like a mentos gum but very faint. It is very smoothing and cooling on the lips as well which I was first afraid that it would be too minty but I'm happy to report that it is not the case at all.

This applies really smoothly on the lips with the help of the big applicator which I love because it coats the lips really well and fast. You don't need much, only one coat is more than enough and your lips will stay hydrated all day.

This stays on my lips all day even after eating a light meal. My lips still feels hydrated even under the mask. It is just so light and soothing that's why I use and prefer this more these days.

I'm really glad I have this in my life right now and because of this, I bought more lip products from Dior. I never invested with luxe lipsticks before but now I see really the difference. I will collect more from now on and you will see more highend makeup from my reviews so please watch out for it.

To see it in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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