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3CE Soft Matte Lipstick Clear Layer Edition (Cool) Review

It's been a long while since I got excited with any new Kbeauty makeup releases until I saw this new collection from them. Officially they are called the 3CE Clear Layer Warm vs Cool. I chose the Cool edition since they are the shades that I know I would love and will suit me best. The Warm ones are just too orange for me that's why I decided to only get the Cool collection.

I love how well packed these lipsticks are and the pink packaging is very attractive as well that's why I think 3CE is really popular because they know what will sell and trendy especially with younger generations. Although they are not really targeting younger audience because their products are not cheap and also they are almost professional level kind of quality as well. They said they are the MAC for Kbeauty brands. They are just hip and colorful compared to MAC. And their stores are so pretty as well with pink everywhere. I really hope I can go to one of their stores one day just to experience and also they have cafes inside which is great.

This edition comes in clear pink plastic packaging which is very light and pretty in person. I love that they try to change sometimes their packaging to make it more interesting and appealing. They really know how to market their products and what will appeal to the masses.

They only have 3 shades per collection and an eyeshadow palette that would match the lipstick shades.

Way Back
Hazy Rose
Chill Move

This bullet reminds me a bit of the Sunnies Face Fluffmate but they are just smoother looking. They have almost the same formula but the 3CE ones are just lighter and less pigmented compared to the Sunnies.

3CE Soft Matte Lipstick Clear Layer Edition (Cool) 


- Has a soft texture that keeps lips comfortable and velvety.

- Formulated with silicone elastomer powders that make it easy to glide over the lips.
- Allows for seamless application and long-lasting wear without cracking or feathering.
You can buy them here:

Way BackMuted rose beige for a calm, elegant vibe
This is my most favorite shade among the three. I love nude shades and collected a lot of them but this is different. It is more a nude pink which is new to my collection and I just love how it looks on me. I thought this would be too light but it is just the perfect nude shade for my skintone that would match any pink looks. This is a bit patchy but I noticed that with other lighter shades as well so I don't really mind.

Hazy Rose: Vintage rose for a delicate vibe in each layer
This is really a pretty deep pink. I can see why they said that it is a vintage rose because roses do have this kind of shade. This is much more opaque and I didn't need to apply that much to cover good my lips unlike the first shade. This shade gives life to my face and a great statement shade but not over the top but will still give an impact to your look.

Chill MoveBerry and muted plum for a cool vibe
This is more a fall-winter shade for me because it is more on the berry side. This would pair with mauve looks as well. This looks so smoothing on the lips and good coverage as well like the second shade.

My Verdict:
I love them! I highly recommend this especially if you are like me who likes velvety kind of formula or soft matte. They are perfect for the blurry effect kind of lips or blotted look as well. They are so light on the lips and it looks so smoothing as well. The coverage is light especially the first shade that's why it took me a while to achieve the look I want because it is not that opaque. They have no scent to them so if you hate scent with lipstick products then you would love this. The formula and longevity is superb and you will see more of my in depth review in my video below.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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