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3CE Water Blur Tint

4.6g $17 or €15

Those who want a hydrating lip tint, achieving the trendy "blurred lip" look.


Infused with a non-sticky water-gel solution to keep your lips moisturized.

Has a lightweight, blurry finish for smooth-looking lips.

This has got to be one of the exciting makeup releases for this year for me. Since we are living in a different world now where wearing mask all the time is our daily essential, a budge proof lipstick is a must. When I saw the promotional pictures of this collection, I was intrigued because they said it is transfer proof so it is very good for todays new normal.

I love overall the packaging and the vibe of 3CE. They are very trendy and attractive especially to young generations. Not only their packaging looks stylish and hip but the formula is amazing as well. They are a bit expensive than the normal road shop brands in Korea but their formula can really backup their pricing. One of the best lipstick formulas I have tried so far and they always have great color selection that compliments any skintone.

The wand of this line is tilted and thin. Some shades I noticed that it does not pickup enough products for me so I needed to deep in a couple of times. Since it is on a thinner side, it can take longer for me to coat my lips so not the ideal shape and size for me.

I only got 6 shades since they are the only shades I feel like would suit me and I would like. They offer 10 shades for this line and you will find from light to bright shades (mostly orange, pink and red tones). They cost are $17 or €15 each. If you can wait for promotion, sometimes they offer really good deals with them as well.

Sepia (Rustic brick red tone)
This is a pretty red tone shade that I actually like. Normally, I don't like red tone lipsticks but this suits me well and it is not in your face kind of shade which I prefer. If you are a red lipstick lover, you would really love this. This shade is great for whole year round as well and also party looks where you want to look elegant.

Bake Beige (Burnt orange brown tone)
This is my favorite among this bunch since I do love and have a lot of lipstick shades like this. This compliments my skintone really well and can be paired with most of my makeup looks that I go for. Perfect for Spring-Summer looks as well when I am more into peachy looks.

Laydown (Toned down nude peach mixed with pink brown)
This shade is more like a peachy brown. I love this as well and great for everyday wear and can almost be considered as nude or can also be a MLBB shade for me.

Casual Affair (Dewy and romantic rosy hue)
This is like a mauve shade that has rosy tones to it. This looks like the Laydown but much brighter and on the pinker side. 

Pink Guava (Standout pink color)
This indeed does standout since this is a bright pink color that can attract attention which I don't like since it is almost neon pink for me. I don't have the personality to carry this kind of pink. It did look nice on pictures. I was even excited to try it but I didn't expect it would be this bright in person so it is a NO for me.

Double Wind (Mysterious berry wine color)
This is a darker mauve kind of shade. It is a bit too dark for me that I feel like it does not suit me so well. I think this shade is a great mauve shade for darker skintones than me.

My Verdict

This is indeed transfer proof but I noticed when I just drank water for several hours and it did fade significantly so it is not that longlasting. The formula is too thin and not that opaque which led to much more work since I need to reapply it a lot. But if you like blotted look then you would like this. It has no strong scent and the wand is a bit on a thinner side which took long to coat my lips. It did dry down quick and once it dries, it won't transfer to your mask which is great. It does stain your lips really bad so it was hard to remove it so you need to use a waterproof remover in order to remove it properly. I am happy that it is indeed transfer proof which is really great when you are wearing mask. The formula is like a gel type and turns into matte and quite smoothing on the lips. Not the most amazing formula out there but a formula you can rely on during these new normal times.

To see them in action and to know more, please check my video below and subscribe to my channel to see more reviews


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