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Dior Rouge Dior Universal Lip Balm

I was on a hunt for a new lip balm since the last one I was using was almost expired already. I stumbled upon this lip balm from Dior from browsing for my replacement. I wanted a luxury or highend version since I have been using the same lip balm from a French pharmacy brand for years now so I wanted some change. I did love that lip balm from Uriage since it is a matte formula so it was great under lipstick and it won't alter the formula of whatever lipstick I will apply after. 

What also drew me to this lip balm from Dior aside from the impeccable packaging is that it is refillable which is good for the environment. I just need to buy a refill everytime I need one so I don't buy the same packaging over and over again. You can also use a refill for their lipsticks as well which is handy. I love that luxury brands are starting to think and act to help lessen the waste we produce so hopefully more will follow.

This is how the refill looks like. It is easy to attach and detach it so you won't have any problems or difficulties when it's time to replace them. You just need to twist and pull to remove it and push and wait until you hear a click sound to attach it back.

I love every detail of this packaging. You can really tell that it is from a luxury brand because how intricate the details are and well thought out. The only missing part for me is that it has no magnetic closure which could have sealed the deal for me. That is what I was expecting but they didn't added that as a feature which is a bit disappointing. It lack that luxe touch to it. It is still somewhat okay to open and close it but not as smooth and quick if it was magnetic.

Dior Rouge Dior Universal Lip Balm (000 Diornatural)
€41 3.5g

Rouge Dior presents its 1st lip balm with a formula concentrated in peony and pomegranate flower extracts, for more beautiful lips day after day. Composed of 95% ingredients of natural origin* and enriched with soothing lip care, the Rouge Dior lip balm ensures 24h of hydration.**

Harnessing the power of double floral care, it beautifies the lips with a universal shade and leaves them naturally satiny. It can be used alone as a lip balm or under the Rouge Dior lipstick as a primer for added comfort.

The new Rouge Dior balm is adorned with a new signature band featuring the CD initials, as an echo to the fitted waists of the House's runway look.

The refillable Rouge Dior floral care lip balm is part of the house of Dior's sustainability strategy.

You can buy it here:

Harvey Nichols

ICI Paris XL 

De Bijenkorf

Douglas NL/BE


This is how the bullet looks like. You don't really see it good with the pictures above but it has a Dior  word engraved on one side of it. It has a colorless shade which is typical for lip balms. It has a faint floral scent so not really overpowering and you don't really smell it while applying or when wearing it. There's also no taste to it which is great because I prefer that with my lip balms.

Bare lips
This is how my normal lips look like. They are dry most days and as you see on the picture I have dry patches and looks like dehydrated. This has been my problem for years now and sometimes they look fine and not dry but mostly they are very dry and flaky that's why I need a very hydrating lip balm to combat it and also drink plenty of water everyday.

L: With lip balm - R: Without lip balm
As you can see, the one with the Dior lip balm side it looks more shiny or glowing compared to the other side. It looks more plump and hydrated.

Both sides with the Dior lip balm
As you noticed, my lips look much smoother and better. You almost don't notice the dryness and my lips just look hydrated and almost glossy as well. 

My Verdict

Almost perfect but there are some points that are lacking. First, the packaging which is not magnetic. But the look and details are superb. The price is a bit steep but I normally wait when there is a 20% off discount here before purchasing any highend makeup products. You also get your money's worth because lip balms last quite a long time so you will enjoy this for months or even more than a year. It depends how you use it. I have been using this for more than a month now and twice a day. But I still don't see any significant dent to it. Lip balms normally last more than a year with me so I am not worried that I need to replace this often. I also love that it is consist of 95% natural ingredients which I appreciate and also good for our health. You don't want a toxic product on your body. The formula is hydrating and almost like an oily type kind of formula. I prefer it if it was matte that's why it is not a perfect score for me. It needs time to dry down so it won't affect the formula of your lipstick because it is a bit of a slippy formula. It is great under the mask though because your lips will stay hydrated whole day. I love that it makes my lips look better and smoother. A lip balm you can truly trust and rely on if you have a very dry lips like mine.

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