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Chloe Woody Sandals (Beige) Review

Summertime is just around the corner and it's time to rock our sandals again. I am more into fashion lately that's why I discovered these sandals. At first, I didn't want it because of the logos all over it but it grew on me and the more I see it, the more I wanted it. My style is pretty casual and relax so that's why this kind of sandals really suit my wardrobe. They are an investment so I needed to research and look as much reviews as possible before buying it. I reached my deciding point when I saw someone wearing it in person and fell in love right there and then. So now I am a happy Chloe sandals owner.

Chloé Woody Canvas Slides (Beige/White)

This Woody flat mule reveals an interplay of different-sized canvas ribbons with the Chloé logo in striking contrast. Together, they form a large upper for a comfortable fit.

The easy slip-on design makes this shoe a summer essential. The Maison's "O"signature adorns the inner sole, while iconic ecru stitches lend an equestrian mood to the rubber sole for a playful twist.

Fit true to size, European fit

- Slip-on

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Matches Fashion

Details: I love the canvas material they use even though it is stiff but it does not rub on my feet because I have a slim feet so I don't think I will have blisters with them. They feel quite roomy on my feet which is a good sign. A lot of people are complaining how painful they are but I have yet to use it outside and will update you soon about it. So far they feel so soft especially the soles and very light also. I love the contrast stitching and you really feel that it is well made and a highend sandals. The logos imprinted on the canvas look really good and would not be easily removed so it does not feel like a cheap sticker. 

Shape: I love the square toe details of this which is very modern and on trend as well. All my toes fit in it so I'm not concerned while walking that they will stick out because they are wide enough for my feet.

Sizing: I got my European sizing so they are true to size. But if you have wider fit, you need to size up. But if you are like me who has slim or narrow fit then just stick to your normal size. I thought they are Italian sizing so I sized up because normally I am size 40 with Italian sizing but according to their website, they are European fit.


- Upper: canvas

- Sole: rubber

- Patch: calfskin

Although they are mainly rubber, they still feel luxurious. The soles feel almost like velvet and not hard for me at all. They are very light and just so comfortable for me. The leather patch just adds a nice detail and a pop of color as well to break the brown base. The canvas is stiff and would not be as comfortable as if they were leather but because they don't feel tight on my feet, I think it will be okay for me to use and would not get any blisters (fingers crossed).

Heel height: flat. There's slight height (1.9 cm) to it because the soles are thick so I am very pleased with it because I know it won't wear out so quickly and I would not be concerned with my soles getting destroyed easily.

Additional informations: if you are wondering for the barcodes and any other information you need.

The Fit: They fit perfectly! Not overhanging so I am really pleased because I don't want the hassle of returning them. You can see all my toes but I noticed with some, only the 4 toes are seen so if you have wider feet, only 4 will fit I think so if you don't like that look then maybe you won't like this.

My Verdict:
So far with my first impressions, they feel so comfortable. I have yet to use them outside and will certainly update you after few months of use. They look so casual yet chic that's why I love the style of it. They said Chloé is more of a boho style which I can see with some of their designs but I feel like they are more for everyday wear and not so formal looking or fancy occasions kind of design which fits more with my lifestyle. These sandals are really popular and get soldout so quickly so if you want to buy them, you need to decide quickly or else your size will be gone right away. I have heard so many negative reviews about them but with my slim or narrow fit, I have no problems with it comes to comfort even if they are just flat kind of sandals. I am used to it and they feel so soft on my feet so I have no complaints so far. 

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